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Usually essays are requested on tests or for short response papers. Here is an example: Which of your possessions would be the most difficult for you to give up?The one possession which would be most difficult for me to lose is my journal. In many ways it would be like losing a part of myself, 4 modes of essay writing because it contains so much of what.

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I still missed them; although we e-mailed and spoke on the phone often, nothing replaced them online university homework help being with. I miss them very much.Essay, an custom writing paper for preschoolers essay is about one to five paragraphs. An essay is very clear and concise, and includes a brief introduction and conclusion.

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Though I had taken a little Chinese, the language was too fast for me to understand all that was being said around. I was very sensitive to any English words that I heard at all. The tastes were also incredible and differentseaweed, rice, many flavors of tea, leche, yellow watermelon, and different kinds of fish. I was in awe!All that was familiar to me was gone. After about a month I adapted to the flavors, language, and smells, but could not grow used to being away from my family.

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Journal, a journal is a written personal response which usually includes opinions, feelings, and impressions. An example journal entry is What I Miss Most About My Home write an essay on my last day at school Country: Although I miss many things about my home country, I would have to say I miss my family most of all.The smells, sights, sounds, and tastes are all very different for me in China, but the aches of the heart are much stronger than those differences. When I first arrived, I was very excited at what I saw and smelled and tasted. It was an entire new world.I saw bright colors and many, many Chinese people. This was strange for me to be the only American in a crowd of people. The Chinese language also sounded funny to my ears.