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A college paper outline

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For example, an Introduction isnt an introduction in a general sense (Dana, this is Jim). Its specific function is to present the main issue (question or problem then the thesis at the end. If you start your paper with general information or a trite, high-school technique like a college paper outline defining a word from Websters dictionary, you wont be writing an effective Introduction. Similarly, if you base your thesis support on the high school convention of having three supporting arguments or ideas (no more, no less!you wont be doing college research. The real function of thesis support in college is to make a compelling case, irrespective of the number of arguments or ideas.With that said, your paper almost certainly will have to conform to a prescribed lengtha minimum and maximum number of pages. Whatever length your paper ends up being, keep the parts proportionate to their function. For example, the Thesis Support is the most important part of a research paper; it should constitute no less than 80 to 90 of the papers overall length. Drafting Your Introductionthe Blueprint of Your Paper A good Introduction is a blueprint of a research paper for both the writer and reader.

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However, the function of an Introduction is always the same to present the main issue and a thesis at the end. 2 optional Background Information and Opposing Arguments : 1 or 2 paragraphs maximum, if and when necessaryno research paper writing for dummies more than a page in total.3 thesis Support/Body : the bulk of the paperi. From four to seven pages. 4 ending : 0 to 1 paragraph maximum. In shorter college papers, the ending may be an extension of the last and strongest supporting point, and therefore, not require a separate paragraph.If you conceive of a conclusion that contributes something to the paper (and doesnt just restate the main points add a paragraph but limit yourself to no more than one. Filling in the Parts EffectivelyAddressing Function. As you conceptualize your paper and adapt your draft to the structure above, remember that all the parts to write a paper in apa format of the paper perform real functions. To do an effective job of conceptualizing and drafting, you may need to unlearn some generic concepts that you learned in high school.

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It presents the central issue and the viewpoint (i.e. Thesis) that the rest of the paper will support in detail. 2) (Optional and non-standard) Background Information and Opposing Arguments : This is a short, intermediate section that may be useful to include between the Introduction and the Body of the paper, depending on help with a research paper outline the topic. In this section you can briefly present some background information that readers may need in order to understand and evaluate the thesis support.In addition (or instead this section may include a brief discussion of views or arguments that run counter to the papers thesis, yet have some merit and are relevant to the central issue. 3 thesis Support/Body : This is the main part of the paperall of the ideas, arguments, facts, examples, statistics and so forth that support the thesis. 4 ending : In shorter, college-length papers (five to seven pages avoid a mechanical ending (aka conclusion) that restates your main points. Either end with your strongest supporting point or develop an idea that underlines or expands your thesis support or strongest argument.Try to leave the reader with something to think about. Filling in the PartsApproximate Lengths and Proportions.Assuming that five-to-seven pages is an average length of a college research paper, the approximate proportions of the four main parts are shown below. Introduction : 1 or 2 paragraphsusually no more than a page in total. A proportionate Introduction for a college paper is typically one or two paragraphs. A published research paper that is longer and more complex may have an Introduction that runs several paragraphs or even pages.

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The College Research Paper, organization and Outlining, because research papers are rigorous and formal in function, they have a basic structure that actually makes them easy to organize and outline. Research Paper: Parts and Their Functions 1).IntroductionIssue Thesis : A good Introduction consists of a brief, compelling presentation of the issue, question or problem best website to write my research paper driving the paper, followed by a thesis statement at the very end. Think of your Introduction as a blueprint of your paper.