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A research paper on homosexuality

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Wps, bisexuality / The Social and Psychological Aspects : A 9 page paper outlining bisexuality. Provides a definition of bisexuality and both a historical and contemporary overview of the phenomena. Discusses studies which a research paper on homosexuality point to homosexulity and bisexuality as being a normal and acceptable part of human behavior from a biological and historic standpoint.Bibliography lists seven sources. Wps, transsexuality / Considerations In The Workplace : A 10 page overview of transsexuality and the issues which often arise in terms of societal perceptions. Includes an emphasis on the employers obligation to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable working environment for both the transsexual and the non-transsexual.Gives an overview of the legalities concerning the societal rights of transsexuals. Bibliography lists 8 sources.Wps Freud / Infantilism, Homosexuality, Bisexuality : This 10 page essay discusses specific thoughts of Freud, such as how one comes to be stuck in an infantile mind set, and the essays/books in which they appeared. Two of the works mentioned are Civilization and its Discontents and Freud's account of Dora. The essay also mentions Freud's thoughts on happiness, homosexuality and bisexuality, on which he had lifelong strong convictions. Despite his detractors, Freud opened the world's eyes to aspects of human development theretofore unknown.

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No additional sources cited. Wps, prejudice, Sexism Homophobia : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of a number of articles on these three fundamentally connected issues, and then determines the impact of different perspectives on these issues. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Wps, homophobia in Society Analyzed : This 8 page research paper examines the continued (and socially-acceptable) practice of homophobia.Specifically considered are lack of homosexual tolerance exhibited by the religious community, in the military in the workplace, in the classroom, in the entertainment industry, and in professional sports, and attempts to draw conclusions why blatant homophobia continues to be accepted. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Wps, homosexuality, Theology, The Church, in The Twentieth. Century : A 7 page paper on the issues write my lab report cheap surrounding the gay communitys search for an arena where it can express both its spirituality and its sexuality.The paper provides historical background on homophobia within the Judeo-Christian tradition and traces some of the developments and contributions of gay theology today. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wps, adolescent Homosexuality : 5 page research paper on adolescent homosexuality. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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Gay culture tends to include a number of factors, each of which are natural components of any one culture. It includes politicians and activists that work for the advancement of gay culture, as well as celebrities and artists that identify as homosexual that make contributions to the gay culture and the culture at large.Their culture also incorporates an understanding of issues relevant to their subgroup, including those in the past and the present. Finally, gay culture has come to incorporate a number of physical manifestations, as do all cultures; this includes the pride flag, drag queens, and residential areas traditionally occupied by members of the community, usually referred to as villages.Within gay culture, there are unique terms and names given to individuals that choose certain lifestyle elements. Gay men that project extreme masculinity, usually physically manifested in their larger size and body or facial hair are referred to as bears; smaller men who identify in this subgroup are traditionally referred to as cubs. Gay men who are large, overweight, or obese are often referred to as chubbies, as they have their own unique subculture as well. Finally, young, slender gay men with little facial or body hair are commonly referred to as twinks, demonstrating the vast array of individuals that can encompass gay culture as a whole.The History of Homosexuality : A 5 page paper that provides a very selective look at essays presented assignment help in sri lanka in Duberman's (et al, Eds.) work Hidden from History: Reclaiming the Gay and. This work demonstrates issues in Ancient. Greece, 17th century Japan, 18th century England and 20the century America.

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Gay Culture tends to include a number of factors, each e learning essay writing of which are natural components of any one culture. This is a topic suggestion on Gay Culture from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it.When considering gay culture one might be inclined to think of all members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered populations. While this is sometimes the case, the more traditional usage of the term is strictly reserved for homosexual men. Defining their culture, however, is challenging, because members of this social subcategory can include a wide range of individuals with dramatically varying characteristics among them.