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The small rural town of Whitwell has about 1,600 residents and, according to the.S. Census,.35 percent of them are white.There was not a single Jew among the population of 425 students when the project began. Out of the 425 students that attend the school, there are only five African Americans and one Hispanic a school paper movie person. About 40 miles away is the Rhea County Courthouse, where, in 1925, a teacher was convicted for teaching evolution during the Scopes "Monkey" Trial.

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The students decided to collect 6,000,000 paper clips to represent the estimated 6,000,000 Jews killed between 19 under the authority of the Nazi government. At first the project went slowly, as it custom essay uk review did not gain much publicity.Students created a website and sent out letters to friends, family and celebrities. The project began to snowball after it received attention from Peter and Dagmar Schroeder, journalists who were born in Germany during World War II and who covered the. White House for German newspapers.They published some articles as well as a book, Das Broklammer-Projekt the Paper Clip Project ) published in September 2000, that promoted the project in Germany. The big break in the US came with an article in the Washington Post on April 7, 2001, written by history research paper websites Dita Smith. City of Whitwell edit Almost all observers note the unexpected location of the project.

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Tennessee town of, whitwell, created a monument for the. Holocaust victims of, nazi Germany.It started in 1998 as a simple 8th-grade project to study other cultures, and then evolved into one gaining worldwide attention. At last count, over 30 million paper clips had been received. Paper Clips, an award-winning documentary film about the project, was released in 2004. 1, contents, development edit, in 1998, Linda.Hooper, principal of Whitwell Middle School in Whitwell, Tennessee, asked Assistant Principal David Smith to find a voluntary after-school project to teach the children about tolerance. David Smith and Sandra Roberts started a Holocaust education program and held the first class in the fall of 1998. Soon the students were overwhelmed with the massive scale of the Holocaust and asked Mrs. Hooper if they could collect something to represent the lives that buy custom research paper online were exterminated during the Holocaust.Hooper responded that they could if they could find something that related to the Holocaust. Through Internet research, the students discovered that. Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian, designed a loop of metal, and the. Norwegians wore paperclips on their lapels during World War II as a silent protest against Nazi occupation.

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For the OSS post-World War II American retrieval of German information project, see. For the film of the same name, see. "Paper Clips" redirects here.For other uses, see. A middle school project teaching tolerance in a small Tennessee city turned into a world-renowned memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Poster from 2004 documentary film, the, paper Clips Project, by online homework primary school middle school students from the small southeastern.