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Whether writers are looking for a quiet readership or are eager for a spirited discussion, they will find it on Blogit. Many writers even have readers who have become new friends. Blogit member profiles appear on many of the academic writing services ireland top Internet search engines, which allows writers to publicize their identity and helps increase their readers. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, writers get everything they need to begin.They can even select additional options,.g. To add pictures and select different layouts and styles. Theres nothing to install, and no special software is needed.

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As Blogit grows, amazing things are happening. A friendly, incredibly active community has formed: readers are finding writers they enjoy; strangers are becoming friends; political adversaries are debating todays issues; old classmates are running into one another; even romances are blossoming. And, popular writers have already earned more than,000 at Blogit.How Blogit works, first of all, Blogit lets writers easily fulfill their dream to write. Writers get their own writing space, where they are free to write on any topic, whenever they want : from opinion and observation to fiction and poetry. Secondly, writers experience the thrill of knowing they were read, and enjoy gaining a loyal, dedicated following.Its simple for writers to find readers on Blogit, since theres do essay word counts include references a diverse audience of people from all over the world, waiting to read and comment right now. You never know whom you might meet on Blogit.

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You should do it!". I did some research, which made it clear that relying on donations and best essay my family advertising wasnt useful. Writers shouldnt have to beg, and they want to write what they want, not what the advertisers want. I told my wife what I had come up with so far: a network that allowed readers to directly pay writers for their work."Thats a fantastic idea she said. "And it needs to be really easy for readers. It should be like Disneyland: one price, and you can go on any of the rides." "Youre right I said. "Now, how do we make sure its fair for the writers?What if we give each writer part of the reader fee, based on how often the reader has read that writer over the past month? So, the more often Jack reads Jill, the more Jill will earn.". Amazing things, my wife loved the plan, and the rest is history. Blogit is now the first online subscription network connecting individual readers and writers.

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"Drawing an audience pays at Blogit", uSAWeekend, member testimonials "I feel like I'm cheating on my lover, sneaking off to fondle the keyboard and share secret thoughts with all manner of lurking strangers hidden from sight - like whispering in the dark or writing blind. I did, and I'm happy to have dared instant homework help online to." -benzinha, Blogit member, profit from the first online subscription network connecting individual readers and writers.Lari, the inspiration, my mother has published several books. One day, I mentioned to her, "I love reading online writers, but its hard for them to find readers, let alone earn any money. Wouldnt it be great if I could find a way to help?".She replied, "That would be wonderful! Its terrible to write something and get no response - writers need to know theyre being read and appreciated.