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Photography as Art, the photographer can create art from any genre, still life, street photography, documentary, landscape, nude, portrait, using a particular stylepoint of view, choice of lens, type of lighting, color or black and white. In the 30s, Edward Weston began seeing landscapes creatively and captured it with his camera in black and white. . Similarly, Ansel Adams best essays about photography often captured landscapes as abstracts in black and white.The Museum of Modern Art also began collecting photographs at this time. Throughout the 50s, many photographers began viewing the camera as a tool for creating art. For instance, Arnold Newman composed his subjects artistically within their working environment and then took celebrity portraits of them.One of his famous photographs captures Igor Stranvinsky sitting at the far left of his piano. Robert Frank journeyed across the United states in an old car, capturing the ordinary, banal, prosaic of American life.

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In recent years, the Art world has embraced photography as a medium that people can use to create works of art. Yet, not all photographs are considered art. Suppose a woman with little training in photography purchases a point and-shoot camera and then takes snapshots of her children. Is she an artist?Most people who have knowledge of art would disagree. Suppose another woman takes courses at university, studies the masters of photography, learns to use the features of her digital SLR camera, such as shooting in aperture priority and shutter priority, pre-visualizes her subject, use lighting artistically, then begins taking photographs with the intention. Many would argue she is not an artist. Finally, countless untrained people are now taking snapshots with smart phones and then editing them with apps like Instagram. Are these people artists? Are their photographs works of art? Many people who have studied art would argue the following: The only person who is an artist with a camera is the trained person, either self-taught or formal education, who begins with an idea or concept, then intends to create art with by making photographs. This implies that the art of photography is about making photographsnot taking snapshots.

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Content referring to the artists intention or message. Many contemporary artists embrace art as conceptthe idea is more important than the work of art.For many, something is art if it embodies beauty or the sublime. Most people would agree that art is sketching, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, and mixed essay writing university level media.

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Art Work by William Eggleston, by Dave Hood, you dont take a photograph, you make. . When is a photograph professional resume writing services mississauga a work of art?Marcel Duchamp said anything can be art. Many people believe art is about form and content. Form referring to the elements of art, such as line, shape, colour.