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Normally we don't prepare separately for Essay paper. But this 200 marks is very critical because the range of the marks of tined by the students in this paper varies from 30 to 155, which is very vast and can be very critical for anybody. So, therefore preparation for this paper is very essential but it is a very easy process because out of the 5 essays, we have to answer any one best essays for upsc of them. Every year if you see the previous years essay papers one essay is from topics like Environment, one related to the Women Issues, One Essay is related to Science and Ethics and also from Economics, Globalisation Impacts etc.So, therefore we can clearly identify the areas where we can very well forecast that what could be essay for this year and prepare on those lines. We can have the latest data, Government's Policies, Initiatives, reports from the World Bank related to these issues, and if we go through these aspects before the day of the examination for essay paper and if you write these issues, definitely our essay will. Adding"tions, real life examples, examples from government, administrative reforms, various data from World Bank reports add quality in essay and fetch more marks.But when you write or attempt the actual paper "Do Attempt the Safest Essay!". For example out of the 5 essays one or two topics may not appear very clear.It is wiser not to attempt the essays like this, because we would not really know that what was the intention of the examiner in giving such a topic. And if we attempt essays in a wrong manner, the examiner can even offered us 10 or 15 marks out of 200, which would be a disaster for. So, its better not to choose risky topics and always go for safer topics like Education, Environment where you are very clear about meaning of the topics and attempt those essays.

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