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Read more by Michael Almereyda, kirsten Johnson interrogates the thorny ethics of nonfiction filmmaking in her intriguingly elliptical blend of essay, travelogue, and memoir. Read more by Ashley Clark, in his radical debut feature, Ousmane Sembne reveals the agony of the postcolonial experience through the story of a Senegalese migrant abused by her French employers.Read more by Michael Koresky. Rainer Werner Fassbinder plays a working-class gay man hoodwinked by his uppity bourgeois lover in this unsparing portrait of queer culture in 1970s West Germany. Read more by Sheila OMalley, jack Garfeins no-holds-barred account of sexual assault and trauma captures the volatile sensibility of the Actors Studio. Read more by Michael Sragow, a revelatory restoration of Lewis Milestones underappreciated best essays on film newsroom comedy accentuates the films punchy rhythms and breakneck banter.

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I Watched 146 Minutes of Sex and the City 2 and All I Got Was This Religious Fundamentalism. By Ella Taylor, with his unique blend of British realism and romantic fatalism, director Andrew Haigh exposes the quiet desperation at the heart of a long marriage.Read more by Dennis Lim. In his most seductive experiment with cinematic time, Richard Linklater wrestles with the joys and challenges of long-term intimacy.Read more by Elvira Lindo, pedro Almodvars Oscar-nominated breakthrough revels in make essay more formal the complexities of the female psyche. Read more by Imogen Sara Smith, joan Crawford delivers one of her greatest performances in Michael Curtizs unsparing look at class, ambition, and the all-consuming intensity of maternal love. Read more by Deborah Young. Ermanno Olmi captures the dignity of work in this painterly vision of late nineteenth-century rural Italy.

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A Ukrainian city, a cast of thousands, and a totalitarian society in which the cameras are always rolling and the actors never go home. "Who the hell is Luke Dittrich why is he snooping around the Apocalypto set?" by professional resume writing services uk Luke Dittrich. Mystery, vengeance, plaster ziggurats, loopy ears, and the strange saga of Mel Gibson. Raiders of the Lost Backyard by Jim Windolf.The amazing adventure of two kids who decided to remake Indiana Jones. Chick Flicks, flick Chicks by Mindy Kaling, a guide to women in the movies. Burkas and Birkins by Lindy West.

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Great writing about the film industry. The Blockbuster, fX Porn by David Foster Wallace.The inverse relationship between the amount of special effects in a film and the quality of its story. Addicted to Speed by James Gleick. No matter how fast a movie goes these days, it is not fast enough.Hollywood Stole My Story! As popcorn movies have become a tag-team-written jumble of curvy scientists, essay writing no pain no gain ninja studs, morphing cyborgs, and basement-loving psychos, one obscure writer after another has come forward to advance the claim that a studio stole his brainchild. On Set, the Movie Set That Ate Itself by Michael Idov.