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'God' becomes a metaphor for the laws that science tries to uncover. Or religion can be explained away scientifically.'There is a hereditary selective advantage to membership in a powerful group united by devout belief and purpose. Wilson wrote in 'Consilience.' He warned against letting this genetically ingrained drive overpower the intellect. 'If history and science have taught us anything, it is that passion and desire best essays on religion are not the same as truth. The human mind evolved to believe in the gods.

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The pervading question was whether this kind of experience could ever be studied scientifically. For most of the century people have espoused the view that science and religion should be kept apart to avoid the inevitable combustions.But to logical minds it has always been troubling that two opposing ways could exist to explain the same universe. Science and religion spring from the human obsession to find order in the world. But surely writing an essay transition words there can be only one true explanation for reality. Life was either created or it evolved.Prayer is either communication with God or a psychological salve. The universe is either pervaded by spiritual forces or ruled by nothing but physical laws. One way out of the dilemma has been to embrace a kind of deism: The Almighty created the universe according to certain specifications and then left it to run on its own.

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But most of the longing for reconciliation comes from the religious side. With a million grant from the John Templeton Foundation, whose considerable resources are fueling much of the metaphysics boom, a modest newsletter on science and religion was reborn this year as a glossy magazine called Science Spirit.'We see a growing number of individuals looking toward religion to explain what science cannot, and asking science to validate religious teachings the publisher, Kevin Sharpe, said. This fall, PBS will broadcast 'Faith and Reason a documentary written and narrated by Margaret Wertheim and partly financed with 0,000 from the Templeton Foundation, featuring interviews with scientists about God.In the last two years, a steady stream of books has appeared with titles like 'Cybergrace: The Search for God in the Digital World' and 'God the Big Bang: Discovering Harmony Between Science Spirituality.'. The Conference, a Universe With Purpose, the Templeton Foundation also gave the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences.4 million for a heavily promoted conference called 'Science and the Spiritual Quest held this month in Berkeley, Calif. For four days scientists, most of them Christians, Jews or Muslims, testified about their college term paper length efforts to resolve their own conflicts over science and religion. All seemed to share the conviction that this is a purposeful universe, that there is a reason to be here.'Theology is not some airy-fairy form of metaphysical speculation said John. Polkinghorne, a Cambridge University particle physicist turned Anglican priest whose books include 'Quarks, Chaos Christianity' and the newly published 'Belief in God in an Age of Science.' Like science, he said, religion is rooted in encounters with reality - though in the latter case these.

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