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This is where I feel like Paul Graham misses the most obvious solution to the problem. If 95 of great programmers arent in the US, and an even higher percentage not in the Bay Area, set up your company to take advantage of that fact as a strength, not a weakness. WordPress and, p2, use, slack, use, g Hangout s, use, skype, use any of the amazing technology that allows us to collaborate as effectively online as previous generations of company did offline.Let people live someplace remarkable instead of paying,800 a month for a mediocre one bedroom rental in San Francisco. Or dont, best essays paul graham and let companies like.

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I'd pay good money to know what he thinks about other aspects of life, such as women or relationships. I've often wondered whether the lessons on dealing with investors and users could also help writing an apa paper apply in persuading people to 'invest' in you.You'd think so, but. There is exactly one idea that I had in opposition to Paul's when I started reading his works, and that is that there was no way I could ever have anything to do with the world of startups. And yet, after 1000 pages, here I am, seriously considering it for the first time in my life. Paul's enthusiasm is infectious like nobody else's, probably because it's far more based on sobering facts rather than hollow bullshit.Everybody else I've ever heard on the matter sounds like an out-of-touch suit. Paul sounds like he is still one of us, one of the builders, the hackers, the artists. And the message is, look, not everybody can do it, but here is who can, and if you are like that - and you'll know by the time you've read all of this - then you can, and you must, and what are you still.I love Paul Grahams essays and his latest is no exception: Let the Other 95 of Great Programmers. I agree that the US deserves dramatically better immigration policies, but in the meantime Im confused with the head-in-the-sand approach most tech companies are taking simultaneously complaining that there are lots of great people they cant bring into the US, but being stubborn on keeping. In a region that prides itself on disruption and working from first principles, San Franciscos scaling problem is pretty humorous if you look at it from the outside: otherwise smart and inventive founders continue to set up offices and try to hire or move people.

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What's there is nothing but the truth, as far as I'm concerned, often in better words than I could muster at this time. Paul's essays cover much more than just startups, but there's much to be said about the startups part, so let's get this first out of the way.In Paul's essays you will also find many key insights into writing, politics, history, philosophy, art, and life in general, often approached from angles no-one else seems to (dare to) think about. In fact he writes so well about these things write my psychology paper that I wish he would do it more.

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I have no heroes, but if I did, Paul Graham would be one. It's hard for me to describe exactly just how much I resonate with Paul's online homework 5th graders every opinion on pretty much any matter. It's really scary, actually.If I saw a boot message every morning when I woke up, it would probably read: (C) 1985 Paul Graham. This program comes with no warranty.So I can't help but aggressively recommend Paul Graham to anyone out there, because, so far, his ideas and mine are as one. What's there is nothing but the trut I have no heroes, but if I did, Paul Graham would be one.