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I had to include at least one bar graph to show you the top 5 Select-A-Size paper towel values. My Journey To Determine the Best Value of Paper Towels. After compiling all the data I had a hard time deciding what was the most valuable information about paper towels. There were 3 different ways to determine this The price per sheet, the price per.Foot or the price per roll. After thinking about how I personally use paper towels.I decided the best value would be buying paper products online the price per sheet, because I usually grab just one sheet off at a time. . I would like more sheets for my money and quality was a big deal. I also wanted something that holds up when wet. I prefer bigger rolls too so I dont have to change them as often, so I factored this into my tests.

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It shows stores, brands, regular price, square footage, ply, the price per sq foot, price per sheet and price per roll. . Feel free to print this out and add it to your coupon binder or coupon box as a reference guide. Note when you open this spreadsheet there are three tabs at the bottom one that lists all the data, one that lists the top 5 from each brand as well as the top 5 price per sheet, and one with other interesting data. You have two options to view this list: View in, google Docs version, for printable version from, google Docs : Click File, Download As, choose PDF and export to your computer.There are three tabs at the bottom, cv writing services kenya make sure and check each tab as there is useful information there as well. The #1 Best Price per Sheet is Walmarts NEW brand Choose-a-Size paper towel single rolls.Who would have thought a single roll would be the most inexpensive! Not me, this was a total surprise.The Walmart New paper towels cost {DONOR_CONTENT-(2,4)}.97 each but have 165 sheets in one roll. That makes each sheet only.005 per sheet just half of a penny each sheet. Note: This is not the paper towel roll I pick as my best value overall because of the quality, however this is a great bargain.

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I would write essay on my best friend always use wash cloths and wash them which saves money for many people. Its a thrifty living technique that can save a LOT of money. . It was couponing actually that convinced me to buy paper towels since I was able to get them for so little. .I love having them on hand for quick clean up projects, messy hands, and to wipe down my counters and windows. If the paper towels arent a great price though I usually just back to my wash cloth method until another great sale comes. So here is the spreadsheet with all the data.

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My loyal readers know that I love to find great deals on things people use everyday. Best price for Toilet Paper research project. I thought it was time to do another research project to find out what is the best value for paper towels.To find out what is the best value for paper towels I went to 5 different big-name stores and gathered prices, sizes, ply, rolls and sheets per roll information. I then compiled all the data into a spreadsheet so I could compare and decide which one gave the most essay writing manchester university value for the money.I also tested many many brands to figure out the best quality brands. The stores I visited were Walmart, Target, Costco, Cash Carry and Winco (Pacific NW store). Now before I get into the best value top picks I have to mention that for years I never used paper towels at all.