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One blog has become a place for writers to read about and exchange information on companies that sell research papers. Terese Depoy, an Arizona substitute teacher and writer, says she contacted t to make extra cash by doing freelance writing under her pen name,.J."The big pitch says Depoy, "was that they. Had really strong professional people that needed your services.". But when Depoy received the writing offers, she says she was appalled that it had nothing to do with corporate writing or research. "They're requesting term papers, they're requesting book ere were buying term papers wrong some that had entire course syllabuses for the semester.

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"It's unethical, but you know I come from a Third World country. The temptation was really great.". Much of the time it's an English speaking writer from another country who is writing those term papers.DomainTools tracks Internet traffic to Web sites by nation. T is one of the most established sites soliciting writers write my paper 4 me review to write these papers. DomainTools says most of the visitors to t are non-Americans.It breaks down this way: Pakistan.8, india.3, uSA.9, philippines.5. Ukraine.2, indonesia.8, while it may seem lucrative for where to get paper in minecraft pe a writer looking for some work, several writers we talked to said t did not pay them for the work they produced.

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Take a deep breath and read. America is outsourcing its brains. According to the Center for Academic Integrity, in the last school year nearly a third of the faculty at its 360 college and high school member institutions reported students downloading term writer's block paper due tomorrow papers, reports or essays written by someone else from online sites known as paper. We counted more than 250 sites selling papers online, so CNN'S Carol Costello went online to buy a term paper from one of them.She asked for a "Premium Quality" paper on Jayson Blair, the former reporter fired by the New York Times for making up stories. Three, double-spaced pages with 5 references (the references added to the cost totaled.97.The company said it would take a few days. Watch: Students outsource homework, costello talked to one writer from an Asian country, who wished to remain anonymous. He says, based on his experience, more than 90 of online term paper buying comes from the United States. "There's a huge demand for academic papers in the United States he told her.

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By Bob Ruff and Carol Costello. Online sites known as paper mills offer students term papers, reports, or essays for a fee.Outsourcing is a dirty little word paper rosettes to buy among many Americans. When companies use cheap labor overseas to make products or perform services it often means those jobs are lost in the United States. Next up on the outsourcing list?