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And more importantly, neither the industry nor any other participant in this national debate has offered any empirical analysis documenting that the visa holders are of exceptionally high talent. This report aims to remedy this lack of data.With an eye toward the green card proposals, it will focus mainly on cheap labor research paper those who first entered the United States as foreign students in computer science or electrical engineering (CS/EE)the two fields that make up the bulk of the H-1Bs. It will also look at foreign tech workers in general.

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Consider, for instance (emphasis added restrictive.S. Immigration policy is driving away the worlds best and brightest, microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (Barlas 2008). We should not send our bright and talented international studentsto work for our competitors abroad upon graduationNational Association of Foreign Student Advisers (nafsa 2007).We should be stapling a green card to the diploma of any foreign student who earns an advanced degree at any.S. The worlds best brains are on sale. New York Times columnist Tom Friedman (Friedman 2009). I personally dont think you can have too many geniuses in AmericaRep.Zoe Lofgren, 1999, speaking in support of automatic green cards phd thesis writing services in gujarat (McCullagh 1999). Though the United States should indeed welcome the immigration of the worlds best brains, are the foreign students typically of that caliber? The tech industry has put forth little to support such assertions. It has pointed to some famous immigrant success stories in the field but, in most cases, the people cited, such as Google cofounder Sergey Brin, never held foreign-student (F-1) or work (H-1B) visas (Brin immigrated with his parents to the United States at age 6).

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The research paper on financial services primary task in removing the cheap-labor incentive is to reform the legal definition of prevailing wage, which is riddled with loopholes that permit the underpayment of H-1B workers relative to the true market wage. We must close the legal loopholes involving the definition of what constitutes a qualified worker for purposes of permanent labor certification. The laws should not force an employer to hire an American who cannot perform the job well, but neither should they reward employers who narrowly tailor job requirements so that only the desired foreign applicants qualify.Everyone on either side of the high-skilled immigration debate can agree on two axioms: (1) skilled-foreign-worker programs should be designed to facilitate the immigration of those who are truly talented, and (2) immigration policy that causes the loss of Americas own best and brightest from. The findings and recommendations in this report are designed to help make those aspirations more concrete. Introduction, the famous David Halberstam phrase, the best and the brightest, has been used in many contexts, but perhaps none more than to describe the foreign-national engineers and programmers we are told the United States desperately needs in order to compete in the global economy. The debate involves the H-1B visa (which allows.S.Employers to temporarily hire foreign workers possessing at least a bachelors degree employer-sponsored green cards (which grant permanent residency status and other related facets.S. Recently the discussion has centered on proposals to grant automatic green cards to international students who earn advanced stem (science, technology, engineering, and math) degrees.S. This latter group will be the major focus of this report, which analyzes data on former foreign students who are now working in the United States.Some are still on temporary work visas, while others have been granted.S. Permanent resident or naturalized citizen status. The proponents of an expansive policy for foreign tech workers contend that H-1B workers, especially those hired from American campuses, are often the best and the brightest and thus are key to the industrys ability to compete on the world stage.

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The technology industry, in lobbying Congress for expansion of programs to attract skilled foreign workers, has long claimed that foreign students graduating from.S. Universities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are typically the best and the brightest,.e., exceptionally talented innovators in their fields. However, the industry and its supporters have offered little or no evidence to back up their assertion.The claim is investigated in this report, with writing a paper chicago style a focus on former foreign students now working in the United States, the group viewed by the industry as key to innovation. The assertion that the foreign graduates offer superior skills or ability relative.S. Graduates is found not to be supported by the data: On a variety of measures, the former foreign students have talent lesser than, or equal to, their American peers.Skilled-foreign-worker programs are causing an internal brain drain in the United States. The lack of evidence that the foreign students and workers we are recruiting offer superior talent reinforces the need to assure that programs like H-1B visa are used only to attract the best and the brightest or to remedy genuine labor shortagesnot to serve. We must eliminate employer incentives for using foreign workers as cheap labor, and we must end the practice of using green card sponsorship to render foreign workers captive to the employers who bring them into the country.