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A reference group is one that the individual tends to use as the anchor point for evaluating consumer buying behavior paper his/her own beliefs and attitudes' (American Marketing Association, 2004). Sub-culture plays an important part to marketers because of their influence on brands and types of product and services demanded by their members' (Chisnall, 1975,.98).Mintel (2003) reports that an emerging youth sub-culture, in which extreme sports is the focal point. He estimates that consumers spent.5 billion on extreme sports goods in 2003, an increase of 29 on 1998. (See appendix 1, figure 3). Demographicelements (ref Fig.7 appendix.3) can significantly affect consumer behaviour.

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To whatextend the existing published material meets the proposal. The dissertation intends to explore the knowledge of types and elements of buying behaviour that influence consumer buying behaviour such as cultural factors, demographic factors and psychological factors. This will significantly assist the marketers to invade the competitive market and come out with fruitful wings. The relationship between different types of consumer buying behaviour with the level of consumer involvement and the degrees of differences between brands.The level of involvement in a purchasing a product is related to the importance of the purchase, the risks involved and the type of cognitive processing that is generated (East, 1997: 19). It helps the marketer to keep a better hold on the competing market. Cultureaffects consumer behaviour in a variety of ways.It relates to customs and beliefs that are learned from the society in which an individual grows. Aspects of our socio-culture, such as sub-culture, social class and reference groups play different roles in influencing consumers.A common pattern of behaviour can be observed within groups. Cultural change occurs at a very slow pace and can be seen to marketers as threats professional resume writing services san diego or opportunities. Cultural elements that influence consumer behaviour can also be said to be environmental influences.

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Once a market segment has been identified, marketers can research the target market more thoroughly and writing a research paper basics the marketing mix, product, price, promotion and place can be adjusted to ensure the product position is correct. Objective, this dissertation will identify the main factors influencing consumer behaviour patterns, particularly in textile retailing. It will examine how buyer characteristics influence buyer behaviour and also how retailers react to such characteristics. In particular this proposal will look at the cultural factors, demographic factors and psychological factors that influence consumer buying.Also, it will investigate on different types of buying behaviour that helps to find how and why consumers make their purchase decisions. It is vital to note that the purchase of a particular product does not always derive the same type of decision making behaviour (East, 1997: 19). For example, an affluent businessman who enjoys collecting cars may not undergo complex buying behaviour as opposed to an average earning salesman who is buying a car for transportation purposes.Method, in order to achieve the objectives stated above, the research will utilise online survey and will consider the scope to which: - Online community members share their views on buying; - The sharing of pre-buying experience differs from the sharing of post-buying experience;. Also, the research will utilise online database: Mintel and Emerald, and published material: books, articles on newspaper, magazines, or journals.Feasibility, there is no purpose at this stage to employ any company information for preparing the dissertation. The author wants to ensure if he needs permission from the online community to approach individuals to take part in the survey. Participants will be at liberty to withdraw from the survey at any moment of time.

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Introduction: Consumer online help with physics homework behaviour is a complicated and diverse area of study. Since marketing is based on identifying, anticipating and providing customer needs it is important to understand them. There are two predominant types of buying: consumer buying, which consists of buying products for personal use, and organisational buying, which involves buying for organisational purposes.Consumer buying behaviour is defined as the buying behaviour of final consumers, individuals and households who purchase goods and services for personal consumption (Kotler. Purpose of choosing this topic:For a marketer to satisfy customer needs efficiently and lucratively, understanding consumer behaviour is essential. Research into consumer behaviour allows the marketer to create target groups of people with common interests, values, beliefs and patterns of behaviour which will be discussed further in this proposal.