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He gained his Captain's certificate in 1889, he sailed out of New York harbour as Master of a three masted Barque called star OF THE east, bound for Australia. Star of the East By John Gray Just before star OF THE east sailed, Will Turner resurrected an old sailing ship custom by buying a brand new bowler hat. He always wore this hat whenever he was ashore on ship's business or when leaving or returning to custom zig zag papers the ship in was a custom that he maintained to his dying day and it was this which earned him the nickname of Bowler Bill. .star OF THE east's round voyage was a good one and the ships owner wrote Turner a glowing reference. Armed with this, he returned to Cunard. . Will Turner married Alice Hiching, his cousin from Halifax, Yorkshire, on the 31st of August 1883 at Holy Innocents Church in Manchester. .

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(Sound familiar?) The story of Captain McVay so closely parallels that of Captain Turner that Lusitania Online has established contact with the help with paper piecing applique method USS indianapolis Survivors Association. We are proud to assignment on writing skills announce that our two sites are now linked, for the sake of the common memory of two outstanding Captains, who were so wrongfully treated for their roles in two historic events, thirty years apart.William Thomas Turner was born in Clarence street, Everton, Liverpool on October 23rd 1856.His father was also a seaman by the name of Charles, who by the time of William's birth had already passed his captains exam and was serving as a First Mate. William first went to sea aboard a small ship called grasmere but his first voyage, at the age of 13, almost cost him his life as the ship was wrecked in a gale off the Northern Irish coast. Undeterred, Will took passage aboard a clipper called white star, bound round the Cape of Good Hope for Aden then on to the Guanape was there that Will saw his fathers ship, the queen OF nations. Will transferred to queen OF nations for the voyage home, by way of Cape Horn, under his fathers command.Queen OF nations took a severe battering off the Horn and had to put in to the Falklands for repairs, which delayed the voyage for three months. After several voyages on different ships gaining experience, Will finally followed his father by joining the Cunard Line in 1878, by that time holding the rank of Fourth Officer.Also at this time, he was living with his aunt, a widow by the name of Ann Hitching and her two children, Alice and Wilfred. His first Cunard appointment was to a ship called the cherbourg. One foggy morning, cherbourg was steaming very slowly out of the Husskisson Dock when she collided with a small Barque, the alice ICE davies sank rapidly, drowning four of her crew and the Pilot, but a rescue party from the cherbourg picked up the survivors. Turner received the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society's Silver Medal for this April of that same year, he left Cunard upon discovering that they would not promote a man to Master unless he had already commanded a square rigged sailing ship.

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George Cogswell for his superb recent detectivework in tracing the essay help a friend elusive wife of Captain Turner. Unfortunately, the information was not available to us at the time our original book went to press, so consequently she is not mentioned by name in the original edition of the book.However, it is nice to finally be able to fit this missing piece in now. Will Turner was not the only Captain to be so shamefully treated by guilty 1945, the American heavy cruiser USS indianapolis was lost to a Japanese submarine, with horrendous loss of life.Her commander, Captain Charles. McVay III, like Turner, survived the sinking. In what could only be described as a monumental exercise in scapegoating, the US Navy court-martialled McVay for the loss of his ship. They found McVay guilty of hazarding his ship by not zig-zagging at the time of the attack.

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Made with Xara, will Turner died at home in Great Crosby on Friday, June 23rd, 1933 and was buried in the family grave at Rake Lane Cemetery the following Monday. Captain Turner died a bitter man, unable to bear the public's scorn over the loss of his ship. He never forgave the Admiralty, and particularly First Lord Winston Churchill, for their thoroughly discreditable attempts to exonerate themselves at his expense.Captain Turner, Cunard Commodore. Taken at the time of Aquitania's do attitudes predict behaviour essay maiden voyage, May 1914.Collection of Lusitania Online. Comments and suggestions to, nOTE: We are also deeply indebted.