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Customized learning theory paper educ 500

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5 - Application Evaluation (Quizzes Exams). On line quizzes, test practices, resources : Greenfield,.M., and.R.Computer-supported intentional learning environments. Journal of Educational Computing Research 5(1 5168. IdB2h3iaDkUo8C How People Learn).Customized Learning Theory Paper, liberty University, a combination of the views of Piaget, Vygotsky, and Erikson would create the best learning theory because these three theorists created models which educators have followed for years. Piaget believed that peer interaction is important because peers can be models for fellow students and because they are at the same level of learning as other students it makes it easier for them to teach knowledge to their peers (Webb 1980). Hebrews 13:16 ESV states, do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. God clearly wants adults and children alike to share the knowledge they have with one another. Children can often learn to accomplish difficult tasks with specific instructions by modeling after behaviors they see in others (Randi 2009). In Vygotskys social cognitive theory he explains that children learn from tasks around important adults in their lives. One of the ways teachers support students is by teaching them self-regulated learning strategies such as responsibility and persistence.

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I would develop a content based on the different or multiple intelligences theorized by Psychologist Howard Gardner (1983). Taking into account the many learning styles and different abilities such as: Logical/mathematical, Visual/spatial, Body/kinesthetic, Musical/rhythmic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Verbal/linguistic. I think that by being aware of which type of intelligence our individual students shared, the instructor would create a particular activity that would emphasize the learning process address; in this case, a technological base on multimedia, game homework help grade 7 10 based, or on-line teaching. Own Personal Learning Theory Model 1 - Introduction to Technology (Internet Virtual Class).Introduction to the Internet, getting to know the virtual classroom. Expectation for the class 2 - Interaction Culture (Game based Learning). Engage in fun- Learning activities, learning concepts, technical vocabulary.Video and multimedia 3 - Reading Activity (Research webquest, research on the internet. Video and multimedia 4 - Writing Activity (Project Creation). Report on the webquest. Write in their own words.

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An example of a positive observation would be, when a student uses the technology and learns at a faster phase, rather than he or she would learn on their own without the help of a computer. On the other hand, thinking of the students that are not familiar with the Internet, their efforts can be frustrating and overwhelming for this particular group. In paper to help with spacing my theory model, as technology develops, I would make sure that face to face relationships exist. After all we are human and we need each other to supports our efforts in this complicated world.Therefore video interaction would be a must when long distance learning must take place. Even in game based learning, knowing who your partners are, will create a bonding that would carry on during the learning process. My theory model would be based on educational technology, according to the Content Area Literacy. And standards for education, such as the No child left behind act, which includes the opportunity for reading, writing, and speaking.

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By Nelson Baquero home, as I best affordable resume writing service continue with my Teaching education, my desire is to develop a learning model base on the current technology available for students. Using Multimedia, game base learning, and developing software, I want to increase the quality of my instruction. My thoughts reflect on the methods for learning and techniques of many authors and my own believes.I have to agree with many of the suggested theories for learning presented in the book. Due to the many new technologies available, students need to develop by interacting with the technological environment. (Greenfield and Cocking, 1996).I also agree that the environment must include learning by doing, receiving feedback, and continue to build upon their own understanding as students acquired the new knowledge. (Bereiter and Scardamalia, 1989). I believe there are many benefits and some drawbacks when implementing purely technological content based instruction.