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Do parents know best essay

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It is wrong to totally disregard the opinions of our parents. On do parents know best essay the other hand, it is wrong to choose a career just to please them.Parents should not try to live their lives through their children. Remembers the moment in Fiddler on the Roof when the rabbi is asked if there is a blessing for the Czar?

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However, writing a research paper with latex parents do not have the right to force their children to do what they do not want. Many parents, for example, want their children to be doctors or engineers just to impress their friends and relatives.They forget that young people are capable of making wise decisions too. In my opinion, young people should seek the advice of their parents and teachers when choosing their careers. Some careers may appear glamorous, for example, singing or modeling, but the prospects may not be good. However, I feel, in most help with writing an evaluation essay cases, a person has to make up his own mind after talking to a number of people, including his parents.

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Many parents also feel that professional resume writing services dc they know their children better than the children know themselves. Children can be impulsive and may make wrong decisions.There are also some parents who want to control their children's lives. They feel they must have a say in every decision their children make. These parents have already made up their minds what they want their children to be, regardless of their talents and interests. Most children would agree that because their parents pay for their education, they have a right to offer advice.

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Most parents feel they have a right to help choose their children's careers. Many young people, however, feel that this is a choice which affects the rest of their lives and, therefore, should be made on where to purchase resume paper their own. Most parents feel that they have a right to get involved because they are paying for their children's education.It is difficult to argue against this. It seems unreasonable not to allow parents to at least voice their preferences. Whether or not the children agree with them is another matter.Generally, all parents feel they have the experience and would be in a better position to give advice on job opportunities and career prospects. Sometimes, however, young people do not base their choices on facts but on feelings.