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Do schools kill creativity essay

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How do you do schools kill creativity essay explain this? In the talk Do Schools Kill Creativity Robinson says if your never wrong you will never come up with anything original, if your not prepared to be wrong. (Robinson, 2007) Our kids now are even more exquisite then when we were kids, we use to tell our kids not to draw and to go to school to learn.Now we are telling them to push harder to achieve their goals and get an education. I do agree our kids are being pushed harder, but its showing how creative they can.

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Before the 1900s we barely had an education system, but our whole system has been dictating since the system has adapted. Our education is unpredictable on what to flash paper online shop expect. I agree that our education is not worth as much like it used to be when, it had just begun. Having more education is pushing us to reach a higher goal.It may take longer, but its helping us to become a better person for the future. It also prepared us for what is to come. Things are changing more and more every month it never stays the same. Look at this example: Pluto use to be a planet now Pluto is just nearly a star.

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I agree that math and English classes are more important, but I dont agree we should just cut everything else out. Are children need to be able to express themselves in other activities.Not all children are the best in school, but giving writing an essay esl them the other activities will help them let steam off, keep them active and enjoy going to school. Not all talents are being famous in something, but people are talented in their major subjects such as English, math, history, etc. As Robinson states in the video that a simple college degree is not worth much anymore.Jobs are wanting future and current employees to go back to a university to get a higher degree; such as university philosophers. Jobs are wanting to see how far employees will go into school.

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Teacher ENG 1001-04 When we were children growing up our imaginations run wild. As we would play on the playground, building friendships, and solve problems that show us things in a different way. Even though everybody talents are pushed away others believe that the public education system is wrong.I was told to summarize the video on Do Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson. As he talks paper boat drinks order online in the video I do agree with some of the ideas. In the video Do Schools Kill Creativity by Sir Ken Robinson, he mentions how the public education system are crushing the childrens talents.He also mentions how classes are being cut such as drama and music. Due to those classes, are not that important, such as your typical math and English classes. Having creativity in are education system helps are children become who they are as an adult.