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Does money make happiness essay

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As Tim Kasser says in the article of Mixed Messages "a focus on materialistic values detracts from well-being and happiness. For example when spouses spend most of their time working to make money, they neglect opportunities to be with each other and do what most interests them." And again in Downshifting in Britain "Difficulties in managing work-life balance can have a detrimental impact on the. This is particularly important for every young children, with evidence suggesting that it is best for children if they can receive intensive parental contact for the first months(HM Treasury DTI 2003, p 13-14).". As you can see in these sentences as long as people don't allocate enough time for their families, there is no way to make them happy.The same situation is also acceptable for people's friends. Friends are known as a second family; even for some people they are the first. A friend can help us in every tough situation, they can back up us in everywhere.So always we want does money make happiness essay to have a good friend. If we select and take care of our friends carefully, as well as we have to be careful to maintain our relationships with them.

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In pace of life, when we have encountered with some stressful or disappointing situation or cases, in order write my thesis statement to take a breath we always consult our families and fly into our family's arms. If we have our own families and their real support, it is the most reliable way to reach the happiness and relief.But sometimes people can homework help hotline nyc be in a dilemma between possessions and relationships. This is the point of collapsing real happiness, because when the passion of money comes to a person, he starts to abandon his family. He thinks as if money will bring them happiness and good life.

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For years, a great amount of researches have been done to answer this question. In this investigation, research paper outline abortion while some of researchers are supporting that attaining wealth and possessions is good for us, on the other hand some people are saying it is not. For example, In "The High Price Of Materialism" Tim Kasser says, No matter how many fancy designer clothes, cars, or jewels they might obtain, no matter how big their house or how up-to-date their electronic equipment, the lost opportunity to engage in pleasurable activities and. Annie Leonard also supports her idea through her video about consumerism and happiness.In this video the most important thing missed is people and their satisfaction. And again Juliet Schor claims that with statics "National income has been rising for the last 20 years, but measures of the quality of life and happiness have fallen". Although all of these statements prove that happiness doesn't come from wealth and possessions, according to Peter Saunder's "Why Capitalism is Good for The soul In some companies when workers start to get more profit, it results in higher living standards for workers as well.And this improvement leads to a good life for workers. "Although without money and wealth life seems difficult, too much focusing on the possessions affects our mental health, self-control and satisfaction badly as well as damages our relationships and lead to unhappiness.Happiness is the most valuable aim of human being. While the earth is getting complicated and changing day by day, almost all people are trying to have a happy and fulfilling life. During this pursuit of happiness, our relationships play a crucial role.

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Published: 23rd March, 2015, last Edited: 23rd March, 2015, in today's world without exception everyone do you believe ghosts essay wants a happy and fulfilling life. The people around us, the society which we belong and even media tells us daily that the only way to reach a happy and fulfilling life is to have a higher income.But, is it true? Firstly we have to examine the meaning of happiness. Most commonly, happiness is known as a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.