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The function of tertiary and higher education institutes and the quality of students produced by them requires not only a thorough scrutiny but also a major revision and a complete reformation to address the challenges in today's changing education environment. Our country needs not just graduates but intellectual dynamites to think locally and act globally, individuals with thinking minds, responsible citizens to lead India in the path of progress as a developed nation.In the branch of tertiary and higher education today, semester pattern is largely being followed by most of the universities, India and abroad. With such practice in vogue, an academic year comprising two semesters, Spring and Fall, should contain relevant topics, both significant in content and interesting in variety thus fulfilling the knowledge function.True to the saying that knowledge is power, only if applied, such knowledge-gain has to be english essay continuous writing tested in practice. Testing is nothing but practicing the power of learning. From times immemorial, examination, either oral or written has been in vogue only to check the comprehensive level of the receiver. We should keep in mind the fact that checks and balances are part of any established system.Contrary to this ancient belief, testing of knowledge, in a way, also helps both the learner and the teacher to know more from each other which can further lead to self-scrutiny and betterment. To smoothen this process, as a first step, appropriate modern teaching methods have to be applied along with the essential pedagogical resources for the knowledge transfer to happen successfully. Again the teaching-learning process remains partial if there is no training function. Implementation of practical methods has become the need of the hour not only for science subjects even for humanities.

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In this paper, I have made an attempt to share my experience in comprehensive continuous assessment of homework help pre algebra the students at tertiary level in English language/ literature class rooms. Changing Role of Teachers.Modern India's system of education expanding as never before with graduation as the minimum entry level qualification for a job and Master's degree a mere gateway for a career, the need of the hour is far beyond the degrees in paper. What matters most is attitude and varied skill sets in order to sustain one's place in the competitive and challenging global job market. To fulfill these requirements, our democratic nation shoulders the huge responsibility of modifying its past principle, 'Survival of the fittest' to suit the current needs as 'fit all of them to survive'. This present principle being our goal, all the universities and academicians play a vital role in transforming this goal into action.

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One consequence of the global influences, such as changes in the world economy, the information revolution, environmentalism, and cross-national health threats, is the move away from the heavy use of traditional, more judgmental approaches to assessment toward alternative, more inclusive means of determining what learners. Along with this move is a thoughtful re-examination of just what we want from our learners in classrooms worldwide.Realizing the flaws in the present system of evaluation and importance of comprehensive continuous assessment, a country has to not only reform but also transform the process of evaluation in the current education system. With this objective (for improving the quality of education Government of India also has planned to put in place a system of continuous assessment in few months time (PM, s address to the nation on the occasion of the country's 65th Independence Day). Different forms of continuous assessment can be used by different subject teachers for different levels of learners. Though broad guidelines can be laid down, exact procedure to be followed cannot be explicitly stated for a specific course or programmes.Every individual tutor may be trying within the limitations of resources and his experience different ways of evaluating the students continually over a semester or academic year. The effectiveness of this process can be determined only through the learner's performance after the course.

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Published: 23rd March, 2015, last Edited: 23rd March, 2015, the present system of one-shot summative evaluation by means of the course end examination has been criticized (and also supported by some) by some of the stakeholders of education system. The purpose of evaluation is to see if a given programme is working, an institution is successful according to the goals set for it, and the original intent is being successfully carried out. It means to determine social utility, desirability or effectiveness of a process, product or a programme and includes recommendation for some better future course of action.Evaluation does not just mean measurement of the level of learning outcomes but more so an approach for further kapstone paper buying victory packaging improving the system. It needs to be diagnostic and formative in nature to provide remedial help to the students.It is also agreed by all academicians that evaluation should act as a positive input for improving the teaching learning process and not as a deterrent. The report card of evaluation should reflect not only the scholastic aspects of the learner, but also Life Skills acquisition, personality attributes, behaviour interests, attitudes, values and proficiency in indoor as well as outdoor co-curricular activities. It should facilitate in unravelling the latent talent and reflect a true picture of the growth and profile of a young learner (Vineet Joshi, Chaiman Secretary, cbse, 2009).