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3) Do some research, particularly on the historical theme, period, cultural group that youre interested. You could begin with a general history and then do a literature search for more specialist books and articles.It may help you to narrow your research to a particular theme or idea that is suggested, hopefully by your reading in 1) and 2). Rather than trying to find out about the whole of seventeenth-century culture, limit your research to the restoration, cavalier culture, medicine, the family or whatever. (See the handout on research).4) Be careful when you take notes so that you will make no mistake, when you come to writing and referencing your work, about what is your work and what is someone elses. Read and be clear about the universitys rules english essay writing university on plagiarism which are laid out in the blue booklet Essay Writing and Scholarly Practice which you can get from the general office.

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Available on the Warwick web: m 2) Do a close reading. Make a list technical features (cf.The page in this booklet entitled close reading; refer to the section scientific research paper writing service on poetic form in the back of your Norton Anthologies. Ask yourself: how does the text achieve college research paper search strategies its effects? Then ask yourself: how do those poetic effects relate to the meaning of the text?

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Constructing an argument (p. Help with this particular assessment (p.Essay writing (and historicist writing in particular). Essay writing has four stages: reading, planning, writing and proof-reading. Excepting the essay on bus service last, you may not find that they are not particularly discrete but rather interlinked and mutually informative.If any stage is skipped or done badly, though, it will impair your work. A) Reading 1) Read the text and make sure you understand. Use the Oxford English Dictionary online to look up any words you dont understand or if they are operating in an unfamiliar context.

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This handbook is a guide that Im hoping will custom essay writing usa enable you. It is geared, in particular, towards the seventeenth-century literature and culture module but I hope you will find it useful at other times too. I would like to stress, though, that it is not the only way to do things.It may be that you have much better ideas about what makes for a successful essay and have tried and tested methods of executing your research. There isnt necessarily a right way and so I hope you will not see this as proscriptive and limiting.You should talk to all your tutors about what makes for a good essay to get a sense of the different ways that you might construct an essay. Essay writing (p.2).