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Essay do you have communication problems

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Supervisors communicate their belief in this approach by emphasizing essay do you have communication problems individual needs more than organizational ones. In some instances these assumptions will produce positive and productive results, but there is a high frequency of undesirable responses. Subordinates often respond to the overhumanized climate in ways not in the best interest of the organization.The consistent concern for needs and welfare of individuals further emphasizes that these are more important than organizational goals and may eventually lead to the destruction of the organization. Since absence of conflict is emphasized, attempts are often made to create the appearance of harmony and warm interpersonal relationships, even when tensions and conflicts are present.

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Because supervisors also show lack of confidence by telling subordinates how to do the work, subordinates fulfill the lack of confidence by not readily assuming new tasks. Considering that supervisors handle all upward and lateral communication, subordinates learn little about other parts of the organization and, therefore, prove their assumed indifference to organization needs. Since supervisors either kill ideas or send good ones forward themselves, subordinates are not motivated to present new ideas.Because supervisors do not communicate with subordinates in groups, subordinates form informal alliances to spread information. This climate is at the other end of the continuum.Instead of dehumanization, there is undue preoccupation with human relationships. Though the dehumanized help with essay against euthanasia climate can be traced to the work of Frederick.Taylor, the overhumanized climate has its roots in the famous Hawthorne studies, which highlighted the importance of social relationships to production. The basic assumptions of the overhumanized approach are that human relations are more important than organizational objectives, conflicts and tensions should be reduced at all costs, motivation of subordinates should be almost totally intrinsic and self-directed, and participate decision making is always superior to decisions.

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The primary responsibility for communication in any organization rests with write philosophy essay online those in leadership positions, since subordinates take cues on how to communicate from those above them. What, then, can a leader do to improve communication in your organization? Establish the Working Climate, the first step in improving communication is to provide a good working climate. A leading authority on communication and leadership,.Charles Redding, said, "A member of any organization is, in large measure, the kind of communicator that the organization compels him." One of the most compelling factors influencing communication is the organizational climate imposed by the leaders. Three basic climates might be labeled (1) dehumanized climate, (2) overhumanized climate, and (3) situational climate. The Dehumanized Climate, for years, most organizations were founded on the model of a master-slave relationship. Certainly, the military has not been exempt from this kind of thinking.The work of Frederick. Taylor in the early part of this century is often associated with the dehumanized climate.5 Taylor has been credited with suggesting a leadership philosophy that neglects human relations in the workplace. The basic assumptions of the dehumanized climate are that subordinates are lazy, won't take responsibility, lack desire to achieve significant results, demonstrate inability to direct their own behavior, show indifference to organizational needs, prefer to be led by others, and avoid making decisions whenever possible. Supervisors communicate their belief in such assumptions by withholding information (since confidential information is not safe with subordinates telling subordinates not only what to do but how to do it, doing all the upward and lateral communication themselves (if the subordinate's idea is good, they.This communication behavior of the supervisors, in turn, affects the communication behavior of subordinates. Since information is not shared, subordinates become very ingenious at ferreting out secrets. And a secret is of no status unless it can be shared. This is how leaks occur.

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The importance of effective communication to leaders is demonstrated daily in all organizations. Indeed, since 1938 when Chester Barnard concluded that communication was the main essay writing dos and don ts task of managers and executives, emphasis has been placed on improving communication in organizations.1.A study by Dan. Curtis and others supports what previous studies by other researchers have found: Effective communication skills are tantamount to success for the business organization.2 Results of this nationwide survey and later ones lead Curtis to conclude that chief executives and other senior leaders place the highest.Commanders and supervisors must keep Air Force military and civilian members informed. But not only is communication down the chain of command important, subordinates need to keep each other and their superiors informed. In other words, to be effective, communication channels need to be open down, up, and throughout the organization.