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Other than military promotion, there is no other conceivable context in which an athlete, officially representing a major professional sports league, would essay help for freedoms go on television and say something that is so bizarre, explicitly political and manifestly untrue. Whether Roy Hibbert was simply reading something that was handed to him, or expressing his own sentiments, is immaterial. What is problematic, in any case, is that this peculiar, nonexistent connection between freedom and the military continues to be perpetuated as an uncontroversial truism, and is met with virtually no resistance, at least within the confines of the mainstream. The corollary to the claim that our freedom exists only at the pleasure of the military, of course, is that the same military can revoke said freedom if it so desires.Indeed, as Hibbert so bluntly put it, obviously we wouldnt have freedom without them. This widely held belief, that our freedom is bestowed on us by soldiers, has obvious implications for how the public views the military.One such implication of the ubiquity of this myth is that people will feel they owe boundless gratitude to the military as an institution and all the men and women who serve. Often, the spectacle of public gratitude to the troops reaches comically absurd proportions. During the 2013 World Series, Bank of America, that beacon of patriotism and benevolence, sponsored an initiative called Express Your Thanks.

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Military, but that this is obviously. Freedom has become one of those politically charged terms that means whatever people need it to mean. There is no coherent conception of freedom, though, in writing service business plan which it only exists at the pleasure of the.S.Its simply a non sequitur. The freedoms most Americans think of when they hear the term are enshrined in constitutional and statutory law. They are in no way dependent article writing service affiliate program on the size, scope or even the existence of the.S.If John Lennons ghost assumed dictatorial control of the.S. Government tomorrow and, as his first order of business, disbanded the entire military, Americans freedoms would not suddenly vanish.

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We discover that Brooklyn Nets star Paul Pierce is incredibly grateful, at a writing assignment boy and girl deeply personal level, that the men and women of the.S. Military are willing to protect him and his country (Im so thankful that they are able to do that for me, to make this a safer place for me to live). Roy Hibbert, starting center for the Indiana Pacers, sees Pierces gratitude and raises him in a big way, making the latters sentiments seem woefully weak by comparison: Theyre protecting our country, theyre protecting the world, and, you know, obviously we wouldnt have freedom without them. This is just an extraordinary sentence.It contains three distinct, factual claims. While the first two are highly debatable, let us suspend consideration of them in order to focus on the third, which is actually an outright falsehood. Not only does Hibbert confidently assert that we wouldnt have freedom were it not for the beneficence of the.S.

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The millions of Americans who regularly watch nationally televised NBA games are, by now, familiar with the NBA Cares commercials that run quite frequently during the season. The series of promos is help writing a paper on changing our lives meant to illustrate the leagues commitment to serving the community in a variety of ways. One particularly touching example involves a collaboration between the NBA, the V Foundation and.Jude Childrens Research Hospital; in the spot, several prominent players are shown visiting children stricken with cancer, many of whom look genuinely thrilled to be meeting their heroes. The league deserves credit for encouraging its players to put their fame to good use by bringing some badly needed joy to these childrens lives. Not all of the NBA Cares promos are about serving the least fortunate members of our society, though.The league is determined to show its commitment to both ends of the spectrum of power. In one spot, NBA stars can be seen, not playing board games with children devastated by cancer, but, instead, touting the greatness and indispensability of the most powerful institution in the world, the United States military.