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Essay on hotel service

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Same as we in the hotel, if the hotels we stay are not satisfaction we just will try once and next time we will know which type hotel we should choose and will do a proper research about hotel that we stay to made essay on hotel service sure. Other than this, if we late to check in and without paying deposit or have any inform to the hotel they have right to cancel reserved the room for guest and the guest need to re-book the room if the hotel have room still available. Moreover, for transportation they also will have the same experience. For bus or airplane, they won't wait for late passenger.If they are late they need to buy or book a ticket for next time and journey of them also will be delay. For next time, they will know be punctual and reach the bus stop or airport in time to avoid they missed again. Inseparable which means service and customer and service provider can't be separated. Guest is the main major no matter in which area.It sure will have its own supplier to provide the thing. Supplier is important to hospitality because of they need a big amount of quantity of food and drink.

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In hospitality industry, there have 5 type of service characteristic. There are intangible, perishable, inseparable, simultaneous and variable. Without this american based essay writing companies 5 type of service characteristic, hotel might not be able to function well.2.1 Intangible service, intangible which means is cannot be seen or touched but we can feel. Communication is the thing that we can feel. We can feel the employee either welcoming us or not by writing background service android communicate with. The communication between the employees and guest is important it is because the guest can feel the employees are helping by willing or just simply answer the question.Some of the employees are not using a friendly communication and communicate with us while we asking question or request a thing from them. Not only for customer but for employees also, we need to friendly to communication with them and can cooperate well to process the hotel.Other than communication, smile also is a thing that we can feel by giving of them. For example, like in a restaurant the politeness of an employee's giving a smile to the guest is means welcoming and willing to serve them, by this way the guest can feel satisfied but this can't be see and touched. 2.1 Perishable service, perishable which means is won't be last longer and won't experience the same experience. In many things, we will have the first try and if the thing is not good we won't try anymore.

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If the hotel has a good experience to the customer this will affect customer loyalty and customer will come again. In addition to that, it also will increase the successful of writing a research paper university the company in hospitality industry. Other that this, hotel industry also will provide facility for customer.Most of the business customers are need a bed and food, this are enough for them but some of the customer are request for using our facility. We can introduce our facility to the customer or maybe we can discount for them to encourage them have a try.Therefore, hotel will have a good experience for the customer and also can gain more profit. 2.0 Answer Question.

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Published: 23rd essay online word count March, 2015, last Edited: 23rd March, 2015, the hospitality industry is one of the main industries in this world and this is the relationship between guest and host. Hospitality also involves showing respect for their guest, treat them equal and providing what they need when they are in the hotel or requesting on a thing such as need a tourist to bring go around the town, need transportation and other.The hospitality industry basically provides lodging or accommodation to people who travel and needs shelter for the day. Today, the hospitality industry is providing more choices for its consumers all around the world from hotels, resorts, inns, hostels and many more.Hospitality industry is one of the industries that provide service so it is basically focused on customer satisfaction because customer who is the main major to pay. In different kind of hotel will get a different type of service because it is depend on how the hotel functioning.