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Essay on providing service to others

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Think about how you feel when you have so much to do in so little time and youre stressed and exhausted. How does it feel when someone does something to serve you and take the load off your back?Can you say relieved? By taking the time and showing you care for someone else it betters you as a person. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone tried to help each other out and make life less stressful for others. I believe there would be less confrontation, more free essay on providing service to others time, less animosity, less confrontation and more reasons to be happy.The list goes on and on and on! I believe that serving others and making a difference to someone else every day would make life simpler for you and. I believe if we all really look around us at someone in the elevator, a co-worker you barely know, or even a family member and see people for their good qualities and attributes we can make a happy difference to them and to ourselves. There is a saying, to have a friend you must first be a friend.

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We can do this not just when were driving in our cars but at times in our own world when things are just not going right. Lets stop for a moment and look at the people around us and imagine them in a different light. Think about the person that just cut you off.Maybe they are in a rush to get to the hospital. Maybe there is an emergency at home. Maybe they just need to be forgiven. I believe that if people took the time to be more thoughtful and less selfish the world would be a much happier place.I believe we can each make a difference professional resume writing services with an action, a comment, a thoughtful gesture of any kind. I believe that if we took the time to do a small act of service just once a day not only would the people around you enjoy being around you but you would also benefit.It doesnt always seem practical to perform a service in our busy lives, but your service doesnt have to be something huge. Your service can be something small like opening a door for someone, making conversation with someone you dont know, writing a thank you note, or letting a driver in on a busy road.

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I believe we should all contribute to the welfare of others by helping meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. The Bible tells us that Jesus came into this world to serve others, not to be served. Serving others might be considered as work by some, but it is an act of worship and spiritual activity.Jesus was a servant and showed us how to serve others with forgiveness, look for helpful ways to help others, to give and to build others. As examples to Jesus' disciples, he washed their feet before writing a research paper for english the Last Supper.As Christains, God calls us to be ministers and have a heart to serve others and put the needs of others above our own. Sponsor This Essay, i believe WE CAN each makifference! You know when youre driving along and somebody cuts you off?You know those feelings of rage that just wash over you? That anger that simmers inside waiting to vent at the next person that crosses your path? What if, instead of speeding up and not letting someone in to return the favor just given you, you just slow down, take a deep breath and get over.

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What Service Means. "Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.""s children's activist, Marian Wright Edelman.To serve others phd thesis writing services bangalore is to minister to others and help others in various ways, it is not to do it for show or publicity, but simply to enrich and help the lives of others and your own life. Everyone can help others in some form or fashion and can realize that helping others can give our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. Mother Teresa dedicated her life to serving others and found a deep sense of fulfillment.