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Innovation and competitiveness for future survival in retail industry is very essential and, efficient use of Services is directly related to gain market sale and retain customers and, Finally, Is it feasible to adopt SSC systems in the time of credit crunch. The context: "Self-service checkout" (SSC) is an automated process that enables shoppers to scan items and products, and pay for their purchases without human assistance. The shopper carries out the whole checkout process independently, by simply scanning items and paying for them at the end of the process without coming into contact with store personnel.ATMs (ATM Automatic essay on self service Teller Machine; for example, bank ATMs.) and grocery self-checkouts were introduced more than 20 years ago. Even though ATMs were not received with enthusiasm when initially introduced, today they are of major significance.The vital use of self checkouts by customers in grocery stores remains to be realized. (2003) argues, "Self-scanning in retail stores represents a classic case of a technology-based self-service that failed on its first inception." This presents a problem to be dealt with.Nonetheless, supermarkets in the UK are rapidly expanding and transforming their businesses through the implementation of self-service checkouts. According to a survey done in the UK, a self-service kiosk can handle the workload of two-and-a-half employees at a fraction of the cost. (The Economist, Sept 18th-24th 2004) This implies that ultimately SSC systems can deliver services cheaply on an immense scale.

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Ease of Use and friendly machine of use of SSC systems by the customers. Assess and compare acquisition implementation and operation cost of self 3 best essays of jose rizal service systems.Management and customers support at self service systems to help and adopt customers to SSC system. Management decision making process about closing appropriate checkout systems is very vital.Health and safety and wheelchair access to these SSC systems are advisable as well. Supermarket SSC survey questionnaire and customers feed back. Investigating about the Management factor so how many items can be taken to the SSC systems.

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The overwhelming need for business to put the advanced checkout system to improve the efficiency of the waiting lines queues. We would like to investigate about this new innovative and advance technology to further improve customer services.Purpose: The purpose of the research paper is to investigate the changes brought about by implementing an innovative SSC system in supermarket, and its effect on the competitiveness of the company. Objectives: The main objective of this research paper is to improve customers shopping experience and satisfaction and Investigating about the waiting times in checkout lines by the customers. Customers shopping experience in relation essay writing about food to physiological factors. Compare analysis in relation to others SSC systems by the competitor who are using the same SSC systems.

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Published: 23rd March, 2015, last Edited: 23rd March, 2015, retail evolved in many ways over the writing a college paper apa twentieth century. Self-service as a concept started in 1916, when Clarence Saunders started the first self-service store "Piggly Wiggly" in Memphis, Tennessee. The concept of self-service helped the retailer reduce costs, as fewer workers were required to service the customers.(The Economist, Sept 18th-24th 2004). Since that time the concept of self-service involved even further, with development of IT technologies the creating of electronic device which allow to customer scan the price from a particular product, pack it and pay for it himself. Service has shifted from human interaction to machines substituting service employees and 'anywhere-anytime' electronic services have become commonplace (Dabholkar,.These self-service technologies enable customers to perform entire services independently without the need for direct assistance from employees. The customer purchasing pattern is influenced by many ways to spend their time on the waiting lines at the self service checkout. The businessman and the retailers are searching different ways to improve their customer checkout systems.