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While historians should not whitewash the personal foibles of great individuals, the impact that these mortals have had in their fields should tower over any personality defects. To focus on the personal weaknesses of great individuals is to miss the importance of their achievements. The course of human history is decorated with individuals able to rise above their peers and reach the zenith in their fields. These individuals are often the subject of intense scrutiny from contemporaneous skeptics and later historians.But no one can lead an exemplary private life all the time; no human being is able to withstand such surveillance and historical scrutiny without personal faults coming to light. Great individuals are no exception. However, it is misguided to focus on their personal faults rather than their achievements. To do so is to miss the importance of their work, without which our culture would be worse off.For example, Abraham Lincoln was arguably one of the greatest Presidents the United States has ever had. He managed to bring the country through a substantial revolution and to end slavery despite powerful economic and social forces working against him day and night.However, Lincoln was not a saint. He was moody and prone to depressive funks essay writing for gmat that disrupted his family life and slowly eroded his marriage. These personal faults did not reduce his success as a President. While we do not have to ignore questions about whether he was a depressive, we also should not consider them an important part of his political heritage.

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How to write an essay the day i will never forget Score a 6 on Your gmat Essay Writing Score. Here is an example. Gmat essay that earned the score.Take a few moments to read it over. Below we will break down exactly how and why the piece was able to earn this score. Essay Prompt: When someone achieves greatness in any field such as the arts, science, politics, or business that persons achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults. Student response: When individuals attain greatness, their achievements are more important than their personal faults.

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It is rather like a debate. A good essay of this type will give highly specific reasons for a point of view, and back up its thesis with suitable examples.Minor errors in spelling punctuation or grammar will not prevent your getting a good mark - poor logical flow and vagueness will. For tips on how to structure your essay, help me write a good essay visit the gmat issue page.Analysis of an argument. The second task on the gmat CAT is the analysis of an argument, which tests your ability to find flaws in apparently logical arguments. It does help if you have a basic familiarity with the terms of logic, so that you can successfully identify the premises and assumptions on which a conclusion rests.Here the mark you obtain is directly linked to the number of problems that you identify in the logic, and sensible suggestions you make to evaluate the conclusion. With a little training and practice, this task is actually easier than the issue. For tips on how to structure your essay, visit the gmat argument page. Additional information, gMAT essay topics come from the pool of issue and argument topics on the official gmat website).

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Note: The Issue task will not be part of the gmat from June 5, 2012. Gmat sets write a report junior cert two writing tasks (analysis of an issue, and analysis of an argument collectively called the Analytical Writing Section. The tasks are designed to test critical thinking and analytical writing skills.The essays come first on the test - 30 minutes for the issue and 30 minutes for the argument. You have to type your response. Obviously there is no spell-check or grammar check available.Scores range from 0-6, analysis of an issue, the first task on the gmat CAT is the discussion of an issue. The topic is intentionally open to interpretation, so that you can marshal your arguments in support of a position.