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Time, Career Launcher etc -I collaborated material with my friends from time institute, Career launcher etc, and used their material as well. Competition Success Review year book 2013 -Marked all the major events and relevant static GK, and put it in my HR GD Topic was-UN the security council.I was the only one in 13 people who was throwing numbers about when it was formed, how it was formed, why it was formed, how many current members, General assembly etc etcFor eg-UN formed in 1942,during the 2nd World war, during the time. I cannot remember or write what all I read and from where but I read, read and read till my eyes hurt to the point of watering and not opening. I hardly slept for 45 nights.About myself(THE whole universe surrounding ME) -Used Wikipedia and google maps to read about India and world in detail and make notes(I drew India Maps and world maps to remember what all places are where)Our History, all civilizations-Vedic, Indus Valley, Mughals,British, Mauryas etc etc. Politics house and lower houseIts no of members, How they are chosen, States assembly etc. Our neighbours, Our area, Human development Index, essay writing for xat pagalguy Asia,WorldEverything. My name, My family, History of Guptas, History of branching out.

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Drummer/Implex post on IIM C conversion(Pagalguy).I got in touch with few xlri seniors, but it was rather demotivating because they all were special in some way or the other. I had to walk alone, and I had to find something special about myself.On,I started preparing and asked one of our Mumbai Maverick Dream Team 2012,Harshil(Retry) to collaborate our efforts. Material Used-, i made a fat notebook(Around 200 pages or more I really don't know but it really is fat! and everything that I used to see, read,hearAny relevant detail, I used to put it in that had India Maps, world Maps, electronics diagrams, equations,world capitals, major sportsSome strange idea or was one thing that I kept with me even when I e purpose was. I answered 18 straight questions a research paper on education in numbers, figures and"s in the HR Interview bcz I revised that diary 6 times.Took last 8-9 editions of The Chronicle(IAS preparatory material, monthy magazine used by IAS aspirants and marked all the important articles that can be talked ad each important article twiceWrote all the numbers, figures,and made a small summary of each in my above mentioned diary. (Economic Political Weekly) : It is a website which has extremely high quality e website uses articles by Phds(Doctorates) on their can extremely taxing to read articles by them but you have toAgain numbers, figures"s in my diary of every article that I read. Wrote each good article used to take me 30 mins in making author names for references etc. The Hindu, The Indian express, Business Standard: I used to read Indian express and Business Standard completely everydayDevoted 2 hours on these 2 papers everyday, and editorials in The HinduAgain the same notes,"s,numbers etc.I can cite one particular example-James H Buchanan died recently at that time, and I was reading about his pay someone to write my term paper obituary. I made notes about his economic and political theories, his nobel prize etc and I talked about him in my interview when we discussed corruption in India. The Economist, Project Syndicate, India today, time,BBC etc-, i used to use my TCS library to read articles in these magazines and make notes when I was tired doing the normal stuffThis exercise was mainly focused on international world.

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@Omkarp, @retry, @rishi1415, @sid2222000, @PatrickDsouza, these are the people who made it possible for eir names should be here as well. Hope, it ving back. A brief introduction about myself-, name-Akshay Gupta 10th-79.6 (cbse) 12th-67.6 (cbse).Graduation(SRM University, Chennai)-cgpa.911 out of 10(Worked very hard in college;Hit gold here)-ECE Engineering. I have no extracurricular activities to justify my High school took.5-3 years of extreme efforts to crack XAT entrance test(98.83)I will write a post later on how a person with 0 aptitude and no foundation cracked the toughest MBA entrance exam on 's.XAT 2011-44.22, xAT 2013-98.83, once I reached this far,I promised myself that I will force them to think 100 times before they reject me in an interview. Xlri interview shortlist came.I was in Goa;I heard myself getting shortlisted for both interviews(BM and HRM).I left my friends, and came back to Mumbai the same xt 2-3 days, I was very tense on how to go about preparing for the ere were millions.The ratio for xlri convert always has been around 1:10 (For 120 writing a research paper lesson plan seats in HR, they call 1200 people for interview). Also, this year because of goof up in marks, the ratio went on to become 1:13! Firstly, I benefitted immensely from keeler.

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Xlri(HR)Batch of : How I went about the interview preparation., at the outset, I am going help with hamlet essay to warn you that this post is going to be long and tedious. I am writing this piece not for my personal satisfaction, but for thousands of aspirants who are mediocre like me;who ruined their high school/graduation academics, and did not achieve anything significant in last 20 odd years of existence.I just want to tell you, all of you, who are reading this post is that YOU CAN make IT if you are mad enough to burn yourself. I owe my success to many(mmdt-12 members: Sid, Rishi,Om, Harshil;Patrick Sir, Kamath Sir, Raghunath Sir and it is my obligation to do my bit for others.