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Essay writing if i were a millionaire

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I will open essay writing if i were a millionaire schools in remotely backward areas. I will make arrangement to ensure the availability of drinking water for those it is a rare commodity. I shall open up dispensaries.I will hire good qualified doctors to make good medical treatment available to them. The dispensaries will be well- equipped with latest medical technologies.I will open homes for shelter less. Unemployment is a big problem in villages.

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I am a shopaholic. I am immensely attracted towards the electronic gadgets. I will do enough shopping for myself and my friends and other family members.India is a poor country. About one-fourth of its population still lives below poverty line. A big portion of them do not have access to education. Potable drinking water is a big challenge for many people living in remotely backward areas.Women have to travel miles to get potable water. There are lots of people who have to spend nights on pavement. They have no shelter.A large number of people have to die for want of medical treatment. There are no good doctors in villages. I will spend the whole writing an argumentative essay 8th grade money for the welfare of these people.

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This is true to all irrespective of his caste, creed, community and qualification. In fact, this ambition acts as a catalyst in a mans life to take him to the peak of success. I belong to a middle class family. There is much which writing assignment pablo ruiz needs to be fulfilled.I can never think of earning billions of rupees. There are other ways which can help a man in this regard. Winning a lottery is one such way that can help me to fulfill my desire. If I ever happen to win a lottery, I would be pleased to enjoy the money to fulfill my dream.Image Source: m, advertisements: First of all, I would spend a big portion of the money to have all the luxuries of life. I have great attraction for a luxurious life since my childhood. I shall purchase a big car to have a round of the world.I have a great desire to take flight to different corners of the world. I shall visit great tourist spots along with my parents.

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Free sample essay on If I Were a Millionaire. Money has been the greatest attraction for the people for ages. How much wealth and property we may have, we are never satiate.If we have million, we desire for billion. There is hardly anyone in this world who might be satiated with his achievements. This struggle for more and more continues till the last writing assignment for 4th grade breath of life.