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Oxford University says there were 16 cases of suspected plagiarism investigated between March 20There were 11 in the same period the year before. Cambridge has investigated approximately 30 cases of suspected plagiarism by undergraduates and postgraduates this academic year. The year before, there were about five. This is more to do with a heightened awareness of plagiarism than the growth of essay mills, says Dr Laurie Friday, secretary of the board of graduate studies at Cambridge.But essay mills are none the less an increasing worry. Until now, the two universities have relied heavily on the intimate nature of their teaching to detect any hint of academic malpractice. "We cling to the fact that we teach students so closely that we know them quite well says Friday. "The chance of them doing things that we don't know about or disapprove of seems small.But that's not to say that we have denied it goes.". Cambridge's board of graduate studies met in February to discuss Oxbridge Essays. It decided to make it clearer to students in its admissions brochures that they are expected not to buy from or be employed by essay mills. In the past 18 months, all faculties have created their own statements on plagiarism for their subject handbooks.Some teach the statements to students. The university is creating a website explaining what counts as plagiarism to go live this month and will also hold a plagiarism awareness day. "It is really, really hard to say how essay writing service oxford much of a problem Oxbridge Essays is says Friday. "The cases of suspected plagiarism that we know about are mostly graduates and are more likely to be masters than PhD students, although we do have a job to do with PhD students on this, too.

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This year it had the resources to best term paper writing service advertise three scholarships of essay about service sector up to 5,000 to present or former postgraduate students prepared to write masters and PhD essays. And Oxbridge Essays is just the start.There is m, which started in December, and. All of which, say Oxford and Cambridge, contribute to plagiarism at best and cheating at worst.

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It would come as writing assignment grade 4 more than a shock to my friends and family.". It started when he picked up a flyer for Oxbridge Essays in a Cambridge college a few months ago. He had already seen the essay mill's adverts in the student press. "My motivation is that I'm paying for my studies and that I'm an overseas student he says."The cost has frankly been overwhelming. I'm 40,000 in debt and that's with scholarships worth 10,000. "But I know that what I have written will often be submitted just as it is by the student who commissioned.It's a worry and a risk, but also sad that my studies have to be supported in this way.". Oxbridge Essays offers custom-made undergraduate and masters essays, and even PhD theses, for between 80 and 21,250. A 12,000-word essay would earn the writer 600, for example. The company says the work it provides is guaranteed to be the standard of a first or a 2:e company, which was started two years ago and is based in Shillington, Hertfordshire, says it "provides model examples of academic research that are intended."Our services could only be construed as cheating if model work was handed in by clients as their own - something we strongly discourage its website says. But why then are stylistic considerations so heavily emphasised in its guidelines for essay writers, ask its critics. The firm will not disclose how many students buy its essays. But it cannot be doing too badly.

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In his parents' mind he is a total success: their son, the masters student at Cambridge. In his mind, homework help with algebra he is a cheat. Because what mum and dad do not know is that late at night their 24-year-old son writes essays for other students for cash.He has made 2,500 so far on 10 assignments of between 1,500 and 16,000 words. "It's an ethical battle I'm finding very difficult to win he says. "I am constantly thinking 'what happens if someone finds me out?'.