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Essay writing your best friend

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Think of a project youd like to do together. List out places or attractions youd like to visit. Tell essay writing your best friend them what you like about them. Sometimes, when you have a best friend, youre so comfortable with each other that you dont have to talk about your friendship, its just a given.A letter can be a nice way to express the things you always know but never say. Think about the qualities you admire in your friend.Also, think of times that they helped you or made you feel better. Part 2 Writing the Letter 1, choose your stationary.

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Whats a food that you absolutely hate? Who do you have a crush on right now? Whats your favorite thing that we do together? 3, make plans for when you see them again.These plans could be specific or just general fun things youd like to do together. 3, having plans written down will make you excited to see your friend and do new things together. Plan to marathon your favorite movies. Decide youre going to have a two-person book club.

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2, think of questions. 2, when you write, you want your best friend to know that youre interested in them. Even though youre best friends and likely have been research paper on service quality in education for a while, theres always more to learn about each other. Ask them questions, and let them know your answers to those questions.Fun questions you could ask include: If you were an animal, what animal do you think youd be, and why? You can even tell them what animal you think they are like. If you could meet one fictional character in real life, who would you want to meet?If you could choose to magically have any ability or skill, what would you want to be able to do? Do you think aliens are real? What makes you happiest?

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Part 1 Getting Ideas for Your Letter 1, take notes. It can be scary to sit down to a blank order paper with letterhead page and try to write a long, meaningful letter. Even though you know your best friend well, it can still be difficult to think of what to write.As you go through your day, take notes of little things you think your best friend would like, events you want to tell your best friend about, or just things you find funny. Your friend will appreciate that you include these little details about your daily life in the letter.You can do this in a physical notepad, but it can be convenient simply to keep notes in your phone using a note-taking application with a section titled Best friend Letter. 1, when you sit down to write your letter, look back over your notes to get ideas of what you want to include as you write.