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Arsenic, which is a deadly poison for humans, has no effect on sheep, while penicillin, which is so valuable to humans, kills guinea pigs. 4 In addition, I believe that animal experiments should not be used because of the unnecessary pain that they cause to animals. The government introduced new rules about the use of animals in experiments in 1986. Scientists claim that these rules safeguard animals because they state that discomfort must be kept to a minimum essay writing yr 7 and that painkillers must be used where necessary and appropriate.Surely this means, however, that scientists can still decide not to use painkillers in the animal experiments because they do not consider them appropriate. The British Union against Vivisection claims that 75 of animals experimented on are given no anaesthetic. 5 In spite of the claims of some scientists about the effectiveness of animal research, the death rate in this country has stayed the same over the last thirty years. There is also more long-term sickness, even though greater numbers of animals are being used in research.6 On the other hand, scientists claim that some experiments are so small, for example giving an injection, that painkillers are not needed. They also argue that experiments on animals have been very useful in the past.

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Computers homework help near me can also be programmed to show how medicines will react in the human body. 3 Moreover, animals are not always university essay help uk like humans.They do not suffer from all human diseases, so scientists have to give them the illnesses artificially. The joints in rabbit legs are inflamed with chemicals to help research in rheumatism. These tests do not always work because animals do not react to drugs in the same way as humans. Aspirin, for example, damages pregnant mice and dogs, but not pregnant women.

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What evidence does the writer offer to support the arguments? Which of the three suggested structures identified earlier does the writer adopt in this essay? Does the writer link ideas clearly in the essay?You will probably want to read the essay over twice to help you answer these questions. 1 A subject which always arouses strong feelings on both sides of the argument is the use of animals in medical research.I believe that, though this may have been necessary in the past, other ways can be developed to test the best philosophical essays ever drugs and, in the future, animals should not be used. 2 One of my main reasons for saying this is that living tissues can be grown in test tubes and new drugs can be tested on these.

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In this page, you will concentrate on one discursive essay structure. Below you will find an example discursive essay.Read the essay over carefully. Study it and work out how it has been written.Reading the essay, whilst reading the essay, consider the following questions, writing down your ideas - what is the main idea the writer is arguing about? Each paragraph master's essay writing service has a sub-topic which contributes to the essay's main topic - what does each paragraph contribute to the argument?