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3, make use of line breaks. Every time you have to hit the return key, hit it twice. Since it is likely that your paper is spaced, you'll be getting two extra linestwo less lines that you have to write! This can be done after the heading, after the title, and between each paragraph.Pay attention to font and font size. Your educator will most likely make you use the Times New Roman font at 12pt. If you're only turning in a hard copy, make.5 (or.3) pt instead.Of course, overriding their preference is at great risk to your results. Also, do a find/replace (commandf) and replace all periods and commas with a 14 pt font. It's not noticeable while reading, but it does make the paper appear longer. If you're allowed to use it, use.This is a big font at 12pt. If you need a simpler font, use. Arial, Euphemia ucas or, courier New, which are almost as large. Try not to use "light fonts", such as Gill Sans light, as they will make your essay shorter.

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If your paper ends up being too long (a possibility if you overdo things then remove some of the steps. Indeed, if you have the opposite problem of writing too much, check you haven't done any of the things suggested here!Realize that if you can read this, so can your teacher or professor. Trying many of these (the font size and margin ones, especially) in a university or college course will most likely result in a fail. Method 2 Formatting options 1, format your heading. In the upper right hand corner, type your name, the date, the assignment name, the class, and your educator's last name.Give each element its own line. 2, format your title. Once you choose writing a review essay your essay title, write it custom essay in spanish at the top of the page.Choose a big font sizeyou can even make it bold and underlined. It helps if you choose a fancy big font. If your title is long, break it in the middle so it takes up two lines instead of one. However, be careful, because if it is too large it will be obvious that you are trying to make the essay seem larger.

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In addition, some of the methods listed on this page may be considered to be cheating or intellectual laziness by your institution, and could get you in trouble with your teacher or professor. In some schools, colleges and universities, this could be enough to have you removed, even permanently. Know the rules applicable to your institution and heed them.It is not advisable to use all of the steps suggested below. It will shriek "obvious attempt at padding out" and you'll get a fail.

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Essay Help, method 1 Make an Essay Appear Longer 1, be sensible and be informed. Quantity will never replace quality in the knowing eyes of any writing a research paper for psychology teacher.It is always better to write a short but excellent paper than one that is long because it has been filled with fluff and nonsense. Keep that in mind before trying out these methods!