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These should be informed and educated points, with documented facts to back them. Reference help writing a position paper at least one source to back up each point you make in your argument. 4, present the opposing viewpoint. Provide background on any other positions pertaining to the issue your paper describes.Rebut these opposing arguments, using evidence and sources. 5, conclude your position paper by re-stating your position and briefly summarizing why you took that point of view. Method 4 Writing with Style and Clarity.Edit and proofread your position paper to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. Your credibility will be compromised if there are.2, write clearly and concisely. Overstating your opinion will only diminish.

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4, gather all the where to purchase mulberry paper proof or documentation you will need to support the position you choose. Method 3 Developing your Arguments 1, introduce your topic and provide background information on the issue. Include the history of the topic as well as any current developments.For example, if you are writing about gay marriage in 2013, you could reference the federal Defense of Marriage Act enacted in 1996 as well as the states that recently passed laws allowing or prohibiting gay marriage. 2, state your thesis or point of view. This term paper writing service outlines the position you are taking in your paper. 3, provide the points you wish to make in defense or support of your argument.

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Method 2 Choosing a Position 1, research the subject of your position paper. This will allow you to make an articulate, informed case to support your position. Visit libraries and conduct research online. Check books, journals, newspapers, blogs and websites for recent news on the topic and relevant studies that support and oppose different positions.Take advantage of primary sources as well as scholarly articles, news reports and statistics. An example of a primary source is a constitutional lawyer if you are writing about the death penalty or a professional football player if you are writing about head injuries in athletes.2, think about your own viewpoint. Most people write position papers based on their own views, but you may be a student assigned to a specific position, or you may want to explore all sides of the issue in your paper. They might be expecting a particular position in your paper. If your audience is doctors, for example, they might be surprised to read a colleague's position paper on preventative medicine being unnecessary.Remember that you do essay writing services in pakistan not need to change your own position to suit your audience. You should choose your own position or viewpoint, just keep in mind the way your audience things or reasons as you being to write the paper.

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Method 1 Establishing your Reasons to Write a Position Paper 1, share your opinions on a topic with other people. A position writing a reflective journal essay paper allows you to tell readers what you think of an issue, and why you feel that way. 2, publish your formal viewpoint.Candidates who run for office often write position papers that outline their proposals and express their support or disavowal of laws, ideas and plans. 3, offer a solution to a problem. Policymakers, elected officials, students and other interested parties often write position papers when a problem needs to be solved or an issue resolved.4, assert your expertise. If you seek to establish yourself as an expert on an issue or in a field, writing a position paper is a good way to. For example, a tax lawyer might write a position paper on proposed changes to the tax code.