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Help writing a summary paper

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2 3, outline the article. This serves as the skeleton of your summary. Write down the support points of each section, but do not go into minor detail. It'll benefit you to write it in your own words now; that will save you time translating later.If you can't get around copying from the original, put"tion marks around. Only do this with incredibly important sentences that cannot be reworded.3, part 2 Writing 1, start with a clear identification of the work. This automatically lets your readers know your intentions and that you're covering the work of another author.Clearly identify (in the present tense) the background information needed for your summary: the type of work, title, author, and main point. Example: In the featured article "Five Kinds of Learning the author, Holland Oates, justifies his help writing a summary paper opinion on the hot topic of learning styles - and adds a few himself.

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Take note of the assignment writing services pakistan subheadings, even if there aren't any. Dividing it into sections in your mind will help you organize your summary. Consider why you have been assigned the text. Write down the author's main premium essay writing service point and the main points of each section.Look for the writer's thesis and underline. This is the main idea of the work.

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This bare bones thinking can help you to effectively and homework help volunteer sydney quickly write a pertinent summary. 1 2, read the piece thoroughly. In order to write an accurate summary, you must understand what you're reading.Try reading with the author's purpose in mind. Take notes and highlight as you read.

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Sample Summaries, part 1 Reviewing 1, skim writing a research paper discussion the piece. Don't take any notes this time - just take in the bare minimum to wrap your mind around the basic plot of the book or article.You'll be able to concentrate on the smaller things later. Think of the focus while you're reading. Get down the most basic of questions: Who?