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History of makeup essay

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Everyone had to be attractive in Rome. Most of the things could have been treated though. Freckles were treated by ashes of snails and to get rid of wrinkles they used bean meal and milk.You would think hair would be attractive to women right? Well not in Rome.Hair was considered unattractive to beautiful women. Not only women in all cases, men history of makeup essay as well. Men had to cut their hair to become handsome but men removing too much hair were viewed as effeminate.So you need to make sure it was perfect because the people will judge and you will do things for the nothing. In the early 1000s makeup was used for disguises. For example the Indians would use it to cover their faces for hunting and they would show more color in themselves. The Indians also used mud to cover their face and to help with acne.

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In Ancient Rome makeup was a big thing. Makeup and how someone smelled meant a lot.Women who had a decent smell were presumed to be wealthy. The Romans disliked wrinkles, freckles, sunspots, skin flakes, and blemishes.

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Make up wasnt just created by powder or anything small and simple like that,. Makeup actually has a lot of its own differences.In 180 BCE was when makeup had first had started but it wasnt commonly used as much as then. People would limit the use of makeup because it was so expensive and hard to get and or find.The women who assignment help for me actually had it or used it were the prostitutes and the wealthier women. The Cheap Knockoffs were the ones who were sold to the poorer women. The people didnt really care if the slaves used makeup but most didnt anyway. The slaves had no time for the use of makeup.

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Preview, have you ever thought about research essay online dating who created makeup? Or how it was created?When, where and how? Why was it created?How has it changed over time? Has it affected anyone? Well Im going to tell you some.