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History research paper packet

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Notecards - printed out 2/8 Quiz grade. Outline - printed out 2/11 Quiz grade. Visual proposal 2/12 HW, rough draft 2/24 Quiz grade. Final draft and visual component 3/1 Essay grade.Topic Ideas and questions, possible Topics: do some preliminary research and take notes - start to narrow your ideas. Sources are included on the following page. Topic 1 topic 2 topic 3 final what history research paper packet are 3 questions which you want to be able to research and answer.

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Weaponry, medicine, crime and punishment during the time. Life in the city of London. Queen Elizabeth and her influence on theater or womens rights during the 16th century.Other authors, playwrights, poets of the time - choose one. In addition to a research paper, you will have a visual presentation to accompany your paper. These visuals will vary depending on your topic. Possible ideas: create your own model, act out a scene or monologue, create a sophisticated poster, play a song, sing the write touch professional writing services llc a song, create a piece of clothing, a prezi presentation, write your own sonnet, create a childrens book on the topic. I need to approve your visual. The visual will be part of your final paper grade (refer to rubric). Due dates and grades: Due Dates, grade weight, initial questions/Folder 2/2 HW, research time 2/2-2/5.

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His use of language and his contribution to the write report famous person English language - words, phrases, figurative language. Explore the role of women, villains, fathers in his works. The Time Period: Cultural aspects of the times - art, music, sports, dance, poetry, fashion.Education during the 16th and 17th century. Daily life during the time period - food, religion, jobs, family life, diseases, Customs - courting and marriage, jousting, fencing. History of Elizabethan Theater - The Globe Theater.

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Research Paper Guidelines, through our research papers, we will be exploring Shakespeare and dissertation writing services in pune the world in which he lived. You will formulate an MLA formatted research paper using NoodleTools. We will view an introductory DVD on Shakespeare and his time. My hope is that you will find a topic that interests you personally. Here are possible topics: Shakespeare: His sonnets - themes, connection to his personal life, historical context. His plays - research a specific play, connect it to history, connect to modern times, Hollywood versions, theatrical performances, ballet renditions.