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Religious ceremonies and festivals went on outside the temple. Priests were important people in the community. They were believed to have the power to talk to the gods and so were respected and trusted. There were only two ways you could become a priest.Either your mother or father was a priest or you were made a priest by a dying priest. A priest main job was to look after the temples and the visitors to the temples.The Ancient Greeks believed that all the gods came from Gaia (the Earth) and Uranos (the sky).They thought they were like adult humans - always falling in love, arguing, having children, playing music and partying. Romans, the Greeks believed that different gods were responsible for different things. Click here for a list of the Greek Gods. The Greeks believed that twelve most important gods and goddesses homework help greek gods lived at the top of Mount Olympus.

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They also believed the gods would take care of master thesis paper writing service them when they died. The Ancient Greeks believed in many different gods and goddesses. The Greeks believed that these gods and goddesses controlled everything in their lives and the environment.There was a god for every aspect of their lives. It was important to please the gods; happy gods helped you, but unhappy gods punished you. People had special places in their homes where they could pray to the gods. There were also public shrines in all sorts of places where people could pray and leave presents.The Greeks, to show the gods how important they were, built temples in every town for one god or goddess. The temples were not like modern places of worship, for ordinary people to pray. They were homes for statues of gods, which were cared for by priests.

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Enyo - Bellona, eos - Aurora, eos - Matuta. Erinyes - Furies, eris - Discordia, eros - Cupid (Amor). Eurus - Vulturnus, gaia - Tellus, galinthias - Galinthis.Hades - Dis Pater, Pluto, Orcus. Hebe - Juventas, hecate - Trivia, helios - Sol. Hephaestus - Vulcan, hera - Juno, heracles - Hercules.Hermes - Mercury, hesperos - Vesper, hestia - Vesta. Hygieia - Salus, hypnos - Somnus, irene - Pax. Lachesis - Decima, leto - Latona, moirae (Fates) - Parcae. Nike - Victoria, notus - Auster, odysseus - Ulysses.Pan - Faunus, persephone - Proserpina, pheme - Fama. Phosporus - Lucifer Poseidon - Neptune Satyr - Faun Selene - Luna Semele - Stimula Silenus - Silvanus Themis - Justitia Tyche - Fortuna Zephyrus - Favonius Zeus - Jupiter homework help Web, myth narration graphics created maintained by Nick Pontikis Copyright Thanasi's Olympus Greek. Interesting Fact: The Greeks believed the gods and goddesses had human qualities. Religion was important to the ancient Greeks because they believed that it would make their lives better university assignment help toronto while they were living.

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Myth Man's Award-winning Homework Help, latin names OF THE greek gods. Because of numerous requests I have provided a list of the main Greek gods and their Roman names, if any.Amphitrite - homework help linear equations Salacia, ananke - Necessitas, aphrodite -Venus. Ares - Mars, artemis - Diana, asclepius - Veiovis, Aesculapius.Athena - Minerva, atropos - Morta, boreas - Aquilo. Charites (Graces) - Gratiae, chloris - Flora, clotho - Nona. Cronus - Saturn, demeter - Ceres, dionysus - Bacchus.