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Page Ref: 148 18) Slaves diets in the period between 18 were. Page Ref: ) Slave clothing was generally. Page Ref: 155 20) African Americans were generally immune to what health problem that did affect Europeans?Page Ref: 155 21) What was unique about black slave population of the compared to other slave populations in the? Page Ref: 156 22) Which of the following statements best characterizes slave childhood? Page Ref: 153 23) What was the importance of the folktales whose heroes are animal tricksters?Page Ref: 156 24) How did white masters apply the teachings of Christianity to their slaves? Page Ref: 157 25) Which historian argued in the 1910s that slavery was a generally benign institution where slaveholders cared for happy slaves? Page Ref: 158 Copyright 2015.M does not claim copyright on questions and answers posted on the site. Uploading copyrighted material is not allowed. Refer to our dmca homework help in accounting policy for more information. M takes full responsibility for intangible goods purchased on our site up to the paid amount.

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Page Ref: 144 10) What was personalized note paper for teachers hemp used for? Page Ref: 144 11) Why did cotton farmers use so many slaves?Page Ref: 142 12) Why was it difficult to use advanced technology on cotton crops? Page Ref: ) In the nineteenth century, what percentage of slaves worked primarily as field hands?Page Ref: 145 14) How was life different for slaves in the city than on the plantation? Page Ref: 146 15) Which of the following statements is true about punishment for slaves? Page Ref: 147 16) What city served as a major slave market for slaves moving through the Southwest? Page Ref: 149 17) As cotton expanded as a cash crop, the slave trade.

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Parish Value: Eucharist, to be sent forth from the Eucharistic celebration, humbly engaging writing a research paper in political science in the social mission of the Church in the spirit. Francis, as agents of peace, justice and stewards of creation.Skip to Main Content Area, chapter 06: Life in the 1) Which state had the largest slave population during the period 18201860? Page Ref: 138 2) What crop did most agricultural slaves tend? Page Ref: 139 3) Where was tobacco cultivation most important? Page Ref: 140 4) Where was rice cultivation important?Page Ref: 141 5) Which crop employed the largest number of slaves on a single plantation? Page Ref: ) Which crop pushed owners to work their slaves under very difficult time and weather conditions? Page Ref: 142 7) Which slave-dependent crop was by far the most important to the country as a whole?Page Ref: 142 8) Which new states led the production of cotton, in what was called the "Black Belt"? Page Ref: 143 9) Which crop replaced tobacco as the main cash crop of and?

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