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When chatting legitimate essay writing companies online, is the written English of the sales/support person flawless and natural? YES NO, it's relatively straightforward for companies to have their web copy proofread by a native English speaker, and, subsequently, for their website to appear to be legitimate. It is, however, almost impossible to hide English language flaws and oddities in live conversations.If a company hires ESL speakers to directly handle your sales or support requests, imagine what kind of writers they work with behind the scenes. If the company claims to be located: In the US: Is it incorporated in Delaware, Nevada, Virginia, or Wyoming? YES NO, for foreign essay writing companies, Delaware, Nevada, Virginia, and Wyoming are the most popular states to incorporate. This is because they are the least costly states in which to form and run a corporation.Hence, it makes sense for foreign-based companies to open a virtual office in one of those states in the pretense that they are operating as a domestic corporation. Legitimate companies form a corporation in their home state.It is very unlikely that a legitimate academic research company will be physically located in Delaware, Nevada, Virginia, or Wyoming. In the UK: Does it have a valid Company House number and a UK business bank account? A company with a Company House number will have to pay UK tax and is consequently more likely to be genuine. Foreign companies are unlikely to get UK business bank accounts.

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Is the website copy written in flawless and natural English? YES NO.Nowadays, copy on the majority of essay writing websites, including the copy on foreign-based i cannot write my essay sites, will have been proofread by a native English speaker. But take a look at french 1 homework help some of the other sections on the web page, such as the graphics or multimedia elements. These are not always proofread to the same degree. Common English language errors or the use of odd expressions on these other sections can reveal the true origin of the website in question.When phoning the company, does the sales/support person speak to you in faultless, natural English, and without a foreign accent? YES NO, the work ethics and employment standards employed by many foreign-based essay writing companies are not usually comparable to those of companies in developed nations. For a start, these foreign-based companies predominantly work with ESL writers from developing nations who are only paid a few dollars per page. Similarly, their sales and support staff are paid nothing like the salary that is paid to qualified equivalent staff who are based in countries such as the US, UK, Canada or Australia.

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I can't speak for anyone else-and this is emphatically not a testimonial for any company, period-but in my personal experience, even fairly slimy companies will typically pay writers as agreed if your performance is up to a certain level. My (totally speculative) guess is that the business model just isn't particularly viable if you can't generate any return customers at all-and if you scam too many people, it gets harder and harder to advertise.That said, in all the bickering you mentioned on the other thread, there are plenty of horror stories, so who knows? It can be a weird world to gain access to, whether you're a writer or a client.In either case, though, once you've started to make your way in, it should get easier and easier to navigate. But until you have some trusted contact, that initial process of trial-and-error can definitely be a stressful and unpleasant one. Recommended 2, add / Edit, legitimate Writer, the following is a guest article provided by EssayScam.

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It's challenging-often a matter of trial and error. I saw your post on another thread about reading through pages of bickering, but given the anonymous nature of the game, that's often what it comes down. In general, I would suggest screening companies as if you were a customer, looking for broken English, etc.As you've probably figured out for yourself, be wary of any direct recommendations folks give here, as it can be hard or impossible to know who's posting and why. Instead of looking for reviews of specific companies, I might scan the forums for strategies you can use to identify them.At that order of an apa paper point, it might come down to taking your best guess, applying, and starting off by taking a few smaller, low-paying orders. If payment comes through as scheduled, that's a start-you can build up from there. Pay attention to the quality of English used in the interface and in your interactions with support, which can clue you in if the company is based internationally.