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Common examples of mispronunciation include "nu-cu-lar" instead of "nu-cle-ar" and "sup-pos-eb-ly" instead of "sup-pos-ed-ly". An make your essay sound smarter example of incorrect word usage would be "fellated" instead of "flouted". If you find yourself wanting to use a word but you're not 100 sure you know what it means or that you can say it correctly, write it down and look it up later. 4, cut down on filler language.Filler language is made up of words that you say while you're trying to think of what to say next. Everyone uses filler language, even if they don't realize. This is stuff like "umm "ahh "err "like "I mean and other things like that. The fill is different for every region and language but the effect is the same: you look like a slow thinker and it's harder to understand you.Try to speak more slowly and when you need to pause to think, just stay quiet or redirect the conversation momentarily if possible. Part 2 Choosing What to Say 1, look for more information.

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One shot of Scott's Schnapps stopped Schwab's writing the essay nyu help watch. 2, use correct grammar. When you speak, use proper grammar as much as possible.Don't worry about colloquialisms and common phrases but do make sure that most of your speech is correct. When you use improper grammar, it tells people (even if its not true) that you don't understand your own spoken language. This makes you look unintelligent.If you don't really know the proper grammar to use, listen b writing a paper takes patience and time to smart people talk and read a lot of high quality books. With a little effort, you'll pick it up with time. An example of improper grammar would be "You and me went for a walk" instead of "you and I went for a walk". Another example would be replacing words or cutting words, like saying "you been" instead of "you have been" or "I were/You was" instead of "I was/You were".3, use and pronounce words correctly. There are few things that will make you look sillier than using words incorrectly or pronouncing them very wrong. This tends to happen with more complex words, and especially if you're trying to fake looking smarter by using really fancy vocabulary that you don't actually understand yet. Stick to words you really know.

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Enunciating your mcgraw hill online homework words will also make you sound significantly more intelligent. Enunciation is saying words clearly, without slurring or dropping sounds. For example, you would want to be very careful to enunciate when saying the word ship, especially if you were talking quickly.You can use tongue twisters as an exercise to get you speaking at a good speed and make sure that you are enunciating correctly. Try saying: Shep Schwab shopped at Scott's Schnapps shop.

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Part 1 Using the Right Words 1, speak clearly and evenly. When you talk, use a clear and even voice. Start by working on keeping your tone and volume as even as possible.When you are prone to shouting or whispering, you might come across as less intelligent. In order to make your speech more clear, youll want to make sure you are not speaking too assignment writing in sri lanka fast. You will also want to watch out for mumbling.