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When you decide to sell your need help with paperwork house, you will be bombarded with a lot of different kinds of legal paperwork. First, theres the contract you will sign with your realtor (in case you opt to sell by yourself, you wont need this). In addition to that, there will be purchase agreements; replies to offers to purchase ; disclosures and a host of other real estate forms that can just drive you nuts. Just check any fsbo reference and all these will be listed for your easy reference.What most fsbo references forget to mention is that, aside from the real estate forms that pertain to actually selling your home, there are other papers that you need to secure. These documents need to be ready before you even put your house up for sale, and before you secure the services of a realtor. These documents include: Records of Tax Assessments and Tax Payments the buyer would need to know if you they have to shoulder any late tax when they purchase your property.Financial Records present this to your realtor (or the buyer) so they would be fully aware of the pending obligations for the property. This also serves to verify that the unit is indeed, under your name and that you are authorized to sell. Legal Property Description the legal description of your property is indicated on certificates of titles, warranties, and even quick claim deeds. In case your property is mortgaged and you have surrendered the original sets to the bank, you should have photocopies on file.Property Listing indicate which pieces of property or equipment (curtains, tanks, appliances) will and will not be included in the sale of your home. Homeowners By-Laws (if applicable) if you live in a subdivision and your neighborhood is governed by a home-owners association, a copy of the by-laws should be prepared beforehand.

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A list of all your allergies, including food, environmental and medication allergies. A list of your physicians and their phone numbers. A list of all pharmacies custom writing paper with name you use and their phone numbers.Ask a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate. Your advocate can assist you during stressful moments, stay with you in the hospital, keep track of information and help ensure your wishes are respected.

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Make sure you sign the form(s). Two witnesses must sign in your presence or you must have the document notarized. The state forms, designed by the respective states, allow you to complete this form without an attorney. State statutes do differ, so its important you choose the state form that applies to your current living situation.Note, college students pay for papers if you live in Arkansas, you must fill out both forms. An at-home medical file is a convenient, efficient way of keeping documents together that you may need if hospitalized. A file includes: A completed, signed and notarized (or witnessed) living will and durable power of attorney for health care decision making form. A list of your current medications, including any over-the-counter drugs, herbal medicines and alternative products (include the dose, frequency and reason for taking each).

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Getting Your Medical Paperwork in Order. An advanced medical directive is a legal document that lets your health care providers and family know how you want to be cared for in a case where you cant make decisions about your care. You should discuss your wishes with your physician and family members in advance so they can clearly understand your decisions and what type of treatment you do or do not want.Several legal documents qualify as medical directives: Living will, durable power of attorney for health care. Advance care plan, appointment of a health care agent. If you already have a durable power of attorney for health care or a living will, please bring a copy of it with you to the hospital.If you don't already have these documents, you can download and complete an advance directive by clicking on the links below. Be sure to: Choose a form that matches the state custom zig zag papers in which you live.