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Neoslate e paper writing tablet

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Higher Education, read and mark up professional and scientific articles, write formulas, prepare lecture notes. Annotate scripts, work neoslate e paper writing tablet on contracts, share revisions with the crew, send out notes.Medical, acts as a digital clipboard, letting you pull up forms and securely record patient information. Product Gallery, extremely thin and light, Digital Paper is designed specifically for extended working sessions and take-anywhere convenience. Key features, view all Specifications, thin Light.

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Connect your devices via the Cloud. Digital Paper is enabled with the WebDAV protocol for a streamlined, wireless transfer of documents to and from a compatible cloud storage service. Then view your documents, annotations online essay writing tutor and all, on any other connected device of your choosing, whether it's a tablet, PC, Mac, or smartphone.So you can read, annotate, and save a PDF, then share it with your colleagues via your service account. Security matters, since document confidentiality is so important, Digital Paper offers security options to help protect your data. With features such as a password-based device lock and at-rest data encryption (using AES 256, an established worldwide standard you have an additional tool to manage the digital security of your documents.For Professionals, digital Paper is the better way to read and write wherever you do your work. The possibilities are endless for professionals in many fields. If you need a simple, intuitive work experience offering portability and flexibility, coupled with the critical benefit of wireless access to content repositories, Digital Paper can re-write the way you work. Law, read and annotate legal documents, use for handwritten notes to replace matter pads.

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Sony's handheld letter-size Digital Paper lets you easily and securely access files, make and upload handwritten notes and annotated documents, save the files or archive for sharing with clients, colleagues, and co-workers. Increase productivity and streamline collaboration with others via shared files that show your markings and highlights.This superlative tool is durable, portable, and easy to use, with a user-friendly screen that reflects ambient light for easy legibility both indoors and out. Digital Paper makes an ideal complement to laptops and tablets. Purchase Digital Paper, read and work.Read and work with documents in sharp, easy-to-read text and graphics, full do aliens exist essay letter size, so you never need to scroll or zoom to read. Digital Paper has.3" (diagonal) display that renders full-page letter-size (8.5" x 11 documents in PDF format. Hand-write notes, just like writing with pen on paper, use the stylus to write fluidly and directly on the panel, easily highlight text and erase notes. You have the same ease of movement, plus the surface rejects your palm, so functionality is never disrupted, the way it can be on regular tablets.Save, sync, and share, since files can be stored in a document repository, you can collaborate with colleagues who need to work on the same files or save your documents to an archive folder. Take everything with you. Digital Paper's durable frame is light and portable, replacing bulky file folders and briefcases.

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A better way to read and write. In a world overwhelmed with paper, Sony introduces a revolutionary way to work.Digital Paper from help with the lovely bones essay Sony, in conjunction with a cloud service, gives you the power to annotate, share, and save your documents all from a handy device that's light enough to carry anywhere. Your paper trail ends here, yellow pads, loose papers, and file folders are a thing of the past.