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Edmodo : Grades are just a part of this app thats like a social network for teachers and students. If it would save you time to have an easy way to communicate with students about their grades, send them assignments, and hear back from them on what they need help on, this free app is worth a look. TeacherTool : We have to dock some points for the high cost ( but if youre serious about a grading app this is one to consider.It will give you suggestions for mid-term and final grades, know based on your calendar what youre teaching when and adapt accordingly, and of course keep copious grade and attendance records. Numbers : Anything you used to do online essay grader for teachers with your grades on a spreadsheet program compiling averages, producing class reports for the principal, using weighted formulas to determine grades you can now do quickly and easily on your iDevice, be it an iPhone or iPad. ITeacherBook : Its got a downright iClunky title, but iTeacherBook is a scheduling, attendance tracker, assignment allocator, and grade recorder and reporter all rolled into one.

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Easy Assessment : Not every assignment is as easily graded as making a check or X mark on each number. Tasks like oral presentations have to be graded on the fly, and college research paper bibliography thats where this app shines.Use sliders to add or subtract points during a speech on things like delivery and tone, then let the app add the scores. It even lets you record video for playback later if you want to review the performance before assigning a grade.Groovy Grader : Like A Grade Calculator for Android (see below Groovy Grader is a simple, no-charge app for inputting the number of quiz or test questions and getting back a chart of scores based on the number missed. The iPhone version can handle 150 questions and the iPad 300, but both get the helpful ability to either round off numbers or display them with either one or two decimal places.

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Tardiness, forgetting books, being disruptive, all this and more will never go unrecorded or unpunished again. IAnnotate : Ah, the dreaded essay.Were not teachers, history research paper primary source but we have to assume the joy you get out of torturing kids with essay assignments has to be somewhat tampered by having to grade them. IAnnotate takes the pain out of it, letting you ink, highlight, underline, stamp, make notes, and more on a PDF version of your kids essays via your iPad. Essay Grader : For an app specifically designed for grading essays, try Essay Grader.The standout feature is the wide variety of stock comments, including praise, grammar and style critiques, and organization and documentation notes it comes loaded with. Or you can import your own customized database of your own patented phrases, so you can pick one and.

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By, staff Writers, no doubt all our readers in the education field are well aware of the explosion of iPads and tablets in the classroom and their ability to make learning easier and more interactive. But we suspect at least some of you are still reluctant to turn the new tech loose on grading, an area where you could be needlessly wasting hours assessing students with an antiquated system.We know change can be daunting, but we promise that within this list of apps writing paper microsoft word teachers love, youll find something you love, too. IOS, gradeBook Pro : If youre a teacher whos been hanging on to a hard-copy gradebook, this app is your invitation to see what all the fuss over grading apps is about.For the app comes packed with features like automatic grade calculation, status report notification emails for students or parents, attendance reports on PDF, and more. Teachers Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior : For elementary teachers, this app is a great option for recording behavior infractions and easily contacting parents and administrators with all the details if need.