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Bibliography (upper intermediate and up). Put the correct entries into alphabetical order. Be careful of the entries which don't follow the rules for a bibliography. Letter to a newspaper (good intermediate and up).This is a letter to a newspaper about the negative effects of tourism in Asian countries. It has some aspects of an argumentative essay. This will check that you understand the structure and ideas of a persuasive letter.Check your articles and prepositions with this exercise. Contemporary's GED Language Arts, online essay writing practise Writing, ellen Carley Frechette, tim Collins. The Language Arts, Writing Test measures your ability to use clear and effective written English. This test includes both multiple-choice questions and an essay.

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Put the essay in order. Type in the correct word form. Argumentative paragraph (good intermediate and up). This is a paragraph addressing the question, "Are women solely responsible for bringing up children?".This will check your paper writing services wou understanding of grammar and register (appropriate language). You have to choose the best sentence to fit in each gap in the paragraph. Check your knowledge of word families with this exercise.Descriptive paragraph (good intermediate and up) This is a paragraph describing the spread of English. Cause phrases and sentences (good intermediate and up). Practise cause and effect phrases and sentence structure.

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This is an argumentative essay discussing modern eating habits in the. Argumentative essay (good intermediate and up). This is an argumentative essay discussing the dangers of computer games.Enrolments graph (good intermediate and up). This a description of some statistical information about the number of students in a school.It has a graph which goes with. Australian Private Schools (upper intermediate and up). A short essay on the cause of the popularity academic writing companies in kenya of private education in Australia.

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EAP cloze exercises, essay fundamentals (intermediate and up). A multiple choice exercise on essay and paragraph writing. Compare and contrast essay (good intermediate and up).This is an essay comparing and contrasting university education in the USA and Australia. Short argumentative essay (intermediate and up).This is an essay discussing the importance of the car. Complete all four exercises to improve your vocabulary, writing and listening skills. Argumentative essay (very good intermediate and up).