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The agencies maintain sophisticated databases of available work, and there is often more demand than we can handle. If you perused their lists, you would be shocked.They feature everything from first-year undergraduate assignments on Dickens (so easy! Who would need to cheat?) to PhD theses on molecular biology not to mention the odd MBA opinion paper writing services on business ethics.

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I was initially hesitant to get involved: was it all a scam? Besides, what kind places to buy research papers of student would be tempted to use this service? During my own studies at Oxbridge I never once thought of cheating. I enjoyed what I did and was good.The agencies are surprisingly thorough in hiring writers, which surprised. I had to provide evidence of my qualifications as well as samples of my writing.I was asked to provide a breakdown of the areas in which I felt comfortable writing (but that has never stopped me taking on essays in areas that are not immediately familiar). It was also a prerequisite that I had graduated from Oxbridge or another Russell Group university. We are told that we are the best, the pick of the crop. Ive seen all sorts of assignments as a freelancer.

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Ive covered everything from literature and international relations to conservation and the Renaissance. But my name is not attributed to a single essay make or buy decision essay Ive produced.I will receive no academic credit for my work and it wont help me to graduate. Because I am a freelance ghostwriter. I work primarily through agencies (as any academic knows, there are many operating in the UK bidding for contracts to complete students university assignments. Sometimes I work through the night to complete an assignment on a tight deadline.On other occasions I work slowly, gathering material and considering my arguments with careful deliberation. And yet I dont have a library card, nor access to any universitys cache of e-books and journals. Google Books and Wikipedia are the tools of my trade.It all started six months ago, when I was made redundant from a well-paid office job. I cast around seeking conventional work, yet nothing appealed. In truth I was tired of sitting beneath strip lights filling out spreadsheets, answering emails.

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How a freelance ghostwriter haunts the sector. Source: Paul Bateman, google Books and Wikipedia are the tools of my trade. I give the illusion of depth, the impression of analysis.Its always enough to score a 2:1 (at least). In recent months, I have written thousands of words of coursework for more university courses than I can remember.