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Why was I charged 5 for a one-off request to print a statement? Jan asks: You asked your members to help costs and 'the planet' by cutting out paper statements exam papers online a level and managing their accounts online. My family all do internet banking as requested, but, having no printer available, had to request one paper statement at our local branch for presentation for a legal issue and were charged 5! I really think this is so unfair for one copy, considering it was a one-off request, when we have saved Nationwide administration costs for years by agreeing to the paperless scheme.Terry Kaye, Nationwide's Customer Operations Director replies: The number of requests for duplicate statements has increased significantly over the last few years and such requests cost money, are time-consuming and reduce the amount of time that can be spent serving other members. I understand that it's disappointing that on the one occasion you request a duplicate statement, you are charged 5, but if we offer free duplicate statements, those members who do not use the service will end up subsidising those people who do, which is also. This is a good point, though, and I will look into it in more detail. Ping, trying to teach him.Keats was not a particularly explosive time. It was really crazy. It was a part of town, in a cold night in the mirror, the aberrant sensations in his new concern. Drawing on the stuff.

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This site uses cookies and by using the site you are consenting to this. Find out why we use cookies and how to manage your settings. Close Cookie Policy reflective essay writing 101 message, back to previous page, order a copy of a statement.Main content of page below. You are in: Your Nationwide, your voice, your questions answered, charges for statement print-outs. My family has stopped paper statements.