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In 1965, it consisted of 22 members elected for a period of 3 years. 11 The size was increased to 24 members in 1981, and again to 25 in 1991. 12 It was reduced again to 24 members in 2003 when the overseas constituency created under the 198081 Constitution Amendment was abolished.13 The original three-year term was increased to four years in 1969, 14 and five years in 1981. 10 A referendum to reduce it to four years failed to gain the necessary two-thirds majority in 1999, 8 but passed in 2004. 15 16 Membership and Elections edit See: Elections in the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands Parliament takes the British House of Commons as its model.It consists of 24 members, known as " Members of Parliament " (MPs). Members are elected by universal suffrage using the first-past-the-post system from single-seat constituencies. Ten MPs are elected from constituencies on the main island of Rarotonga, three each from the islands of Aitutaki and Mangaia, two from Atiu, and one each from the islands of Manihiki, Mauke, Mitiaro, Penrhyn, Pukapuka and Rakahanga. 17 The executive branch of the Cook Islands government order paper of parliament (the Cabinet ) draws its membership exclusively from Parliament, based on which party or parties can claim a majority.18 The Prime Minister leads the government; the Queen's Representative appoints the Prime Minister from the party or coalition which has or appears to have enough support to govern. 19 The Prime Minister and Cabinet hold office until the next election, or until they are defeated on a motion of confidence.

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Later regulations provided for the can you write an essay for me unofficial members to be split between the various islands, 3 from Rarotonga, 6 from the outer islands and 1 representing the islands' European population. 5, the island representatives were collection of best essays elected annually, while the European representative was elected to a three-year term. 4, the Legislative Council was reorganised in 1957 as the Legislative Assembly with 22 elected members and 4 appointed officials.6, fifteen of the members were elected directly by secret ballot, and seven were elected by the Island Councils. 7 In 1962, the Assembly was given full control of its own budget.7 In that year it also debated the country's political future and chose self-government in free association with New Zealand. 8 On independence in 1965 it gained full legislative power.9 It was renamed the Parliament of the Cook Islands in 1981. 10 Both the size and term of Parliament have fluctuated since independence.

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Contents, history edit, the Cook Islands Parliament is descended from the Cook Islands Legislative Council established in October 1946. 3, established to provide for political representation and better local government in the islands, the Legislative Council was a subordinate legislature. It was empowered to legislate for the "peace, order, and good government" of writing a media essay the islands, but could not pass laws repugnant to the laws of New Zealand, appropriate revenue, impose import or export duties, or impose criminal penalties in excess of one years imprisonment.4, the council consisted of 20 members, ten "official" members appointed by the. Governor-General of New Zealand and ten "unofficial" members drawn from the. Island Councils, presided over by the New Zealand Resident Commissioner.

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The, parliament of the Cook Islands is the legislature of the, cook Islands. Originally established under, new Zealand colonial rule, it became the national legislature on independence in 1965.The Parliament consists of 24 members directly elected by universal suffrage from single-seat constituencies. Members are best essay nutrition month elected for a limited term, and hold office until Parliament is dissolved (a maximum of four years). It meets in the capital.The Cook Islands follows the, westminster system of government, and is governed by a cabinet and, prime Minister commanding a majority in Parliament. Speaker of the House is currently, niki Rattle. The Deputy Speaker is, rose Toki-Brown.