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For a variety of reasons, however, the majority of ELLs find themselves in mainstream classrooms taught by teachers with little or no formal professional development in teaching such students (Barron Menken, 2002; Kindler, 2002). Although improving the education of ELLs has been proposed as a pressing national educational priority (Waxman Tllez, 2002 many teachers are not adequately prepared to work with a linguistically diverse student population (American Federation of Teachers, 2004; Fillmore Snow, 2002; Gndara, Rumberger, Maxwell-Jolly, Callahan, 2003;. Teachers working to better meet the needs of linguistically diverse students need support. Ncte encourages English teachers to collaborate and work closely with ESL and bilingual teaching professionals, who can offer classroom support, instructional advice, and general insights into second language acquisition.School administrators should support and encourage teachers to attend workshops and professional conferences that regularly offer sessions on bilingual learners, particularly in the areas of reading and writing. Schools should also consider seeking professional development for their teachers from neighboring colleges.

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Different models of bilingual education, English as a Second Language, English immersion, and integration into mainstream classes, sometimes referred to as submersion, are among the most common approaches. Preferences for the types of programs have changed over time, responding to demographic and political pressures. (For a historical and descriptive summary, see nctes Position Statement on Issues in ESL and Bilingual Education; Brisk, 2006; Crawford, 2004.). The best way to educate bilingual learners has been at the center of much controversy.Research points to the advantage write an essay on information technology of quality bilingual programs (Greene, 1997; Ramirez, 1992; Rolstad, Mahoney, Glass, 2005; Thomas Collier, 2002; Willig, 1985) and the benefits of ESL instruction when language is taught through content (Freeman,. E., 1998; Marcia, 2000).

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Students abilities range from being non-English speakers to being fully proficient. The recommendations in this paper apply to all of them. Context, the National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (ncela) reported that in 2003-04 there were over five million English language learners (ELLs) in schools in the United States (ncela, 2004). In the last ten years the ELL population has grown 65, and the diversity of those students continues to challenge teachers and schools.Although 82 of ELLs in the United States are native Spanish speakers, Hopstock and Stephenson (2003) found that school districts identified over 350 different first writing essays to make money languages for their second language learners. Federal, state, and local policies have addressed the education of bilingual learners by implementing different types of programs.

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Prepared by the ncte ELL Task Force. Approved by the ncte Executive Committee, April 2006. This position paper is designed to address the knowledge and skills mainstream teachers need to have in order to develop effective curricula that engage English language learners, develop their academic skills, and help them negotiate their identities as bilingual learners.More specifically, this paper addresses the language and literacy needs of these learners as they participate and learn in English-medium classes. Ncte has made clear bilingual students right to maintain their native languages (see.On Affirming the cccc Students' Right to Their Own Language' " 2003). Thus, this paper addresses ways teachers can help these students develop English as well spanish essay writing service as ways they can support their students bilingualism. In the United States bilingual learners, more commonly referred to as English language learners, are defined as students who know a language other than English and are learning English.