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Other examples include: The storm destroyed the bicycle wheels or I wrote the papers on a computer. In both sentences, the subject comes before the verb and the subject is paper writing passive voice doing the action. 4, check for instances when passive voice is preferable.In some instances, the passive voice may be necessary or more useful than the active voice. These instances are rare and specific to the content of the sentence. You should be aware of these instances so you know when it is okay to use the passive voice. 6, sometimes you may have an instance when the recipient of the action is more important than the performer of the action.You would then use the passive voice to highlight the recipient of the action. You might notice this in news stories and news articles. For example, A priceless Rodin sculpture was stolen from the Chicago Museum of Art today by two armed men. In this instance, the more newsworthy content is that the sculpture was taken, rather than that the performer of the action is the two armed men.Putting the more important content up front, even though it is passive voice, makes the sentence feel more purposeful. You may also use passive voice when you cannot identify the who or what. In these instances, you may use the passive voice to make up for not having more details.

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With the active voice, the subject of the sentence is doing the action. The subject usually appears before the action in the sentence.This creates sentences that are clear, concise, and direct. You should use active voice whenever because it will make your writing seem cheap resume writing services toronto more purposeful. 4 5, example sentences in the active voice include: The dog chewed the milkbone or Sara threw the basketball.In both sentences, the subject of the sentence is doing the action. The dog chewed and Sara threw.".

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In the first sentence, the bicycle wheels are being acted on by the storm and in the second sentence, the papers are being acted on by the computer. 2, watch for sentences where the subject is missing. A sentence may also use passive voice if it has homework help online for biology no subject at all. These sentences tend to include dangling modifiers.3, dangling modifiers are words or phrases that modify a word that is not clearly stated in the sentence. A sentence with a dangling modifier that has no subject might be something like, To be more professional, a black suit was worn. In this situation, we do not know who wore the black suit, but the sentence indicates that someone wore the black suit to seem more professional.Therefore, the sentence is passive and incomplete. 3, note the difference between active voice and passive voice.

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Method 1 Identifying Passive Voice 1, consider the problems with passive voice. With the passive voice, the subject of a sentence is being acted upon, rather than doing the action. The verb in the sentence is acting on the subject, with the subject appearing after the action in the sentence.This results in a sentence that sounds awkward and bland, poor qualities when you are trying to craft a persuasive essay, an engaging article, or an effective oral presentation. 1 2, for example, a sentence in the passive voice would research paper outline builder be: The milkbone was chewed by the dog or The basketball was thrown by Sara.In the first sentence, the milkbone is being acted on by the dog and in the second sentence, the basketball is being acted on by Sara. This create a bland sentence, as the subject is not doing the action in the sentence. Another example would be: The bicycle wheels were destroyed by the storm or My papers were written on a computer.